Working on my classic car

I’m not sure if I ever told you guys, but I bought a classic car to restore. It is a 1973 El Camino SS. It has a 350 big block engine, with an Edelbrock four barrel carborator, Edelbrock cam and a super charged distributor. I am in heaven when I drive this car and yes folks it is drive able. I will clean up the motor a little bit, but the only real work that needs to be done, is to the body.

The floorboards are rotted through and need to be fixed, as well as a few other rusted out spots. Other then that, it really is minimal body work. I am going to leave the original color, but I will put a new one on it with one addition. I am putting the racing strips back on it, that some one decided to cover up. I cannot wait to see it when it is finished.


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Going out to dinner

We are going out to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants. It’s an Old English pup style place with the best food ever. I have been craving a prime rib just for some time now and there are not very many places that make that dish any longer.

They also serve and old fashioned English Shepherds pie. Now that is really hard to find. Of course there are also the obligatory fish and chips, etc… but it is well worth the drive to get there. The prices are really good as well.


Happy Valentines day to all

I just wanted to send out a Happy Valentines Day to everyone! Today is a great day to spend with your loved ones and let each other know how much you appreciate them. I have already gotten a few little presents for the kids and will make them a special dinner. Hope your day is as great as mine is.

The mall

I went to the mall today to do a little shopping and found out some really good deals. Most of the time I stay away from the mall as it used to be so expensive, but not anymore. It seems like the higher end stores are trying to compete with the major chains like Walmart and the sales are better then Walmart, Target or even Kmart. I was pleasantly surprised. I was able to buy a bunch of stuff I didn’t even intend to get, because I saved so much on what I went there for.

I do believe that I will have to make trips to the mall more often now that I know it is worth it. I know that the kids will love that. I have a feeling that we will be going there a lot now. lol

Wine with dinner

I am having a dinner party at my house for a few friends and my boyfriend. My mother is taking the kids for the weekend, so I can have some adult time. I am making a Chicken Bruschetta with angel hair pasta, a spinach salad and garlic rolls. I want to have a nice Chardonnay with it because white wine goes best with chicken. I have made this dish plenty of times and even the kids love it.

It has been a long time since I have been able to have a dinner party like this. I will have to buy several bottles of wine, and I might even have a little champagne to toast with. I haven’t made up my mind on that one. I plan to get one of those word games for us to play as well after dinner. I used to have one, but the kids lost a lot of the question and answer cards to it. They have a lot of new ones out now anyway. I think one of the Pictionary games would be best. They have a few different kind of them for me to chose from. I also will break out the Jenga game as well. I really love to play that one. Once the wine starts flowing, it gets really fun.