Shopping for Themes

Have been to trying to learn my way around the blogosphere and get up to speed so I can do some funthings with this blog. One thing I’d like to do is change the skin, or the looks of the pages. That is called “themes” in blog-speak.

A lot of sites claim to offer free WordPress themes and I’ve looked at several of them. But then I read on forums that some of these free themes have hidden malicious links or backdoors and that makes me nervouse. If anyone has a good, trustworthy site with free WordPress themes, I’d appreciate it very much if you share that info with me here.

Thanks a lot!

Abby’s take on the world

Welcome to my blog. Here I will rant and rave about things going on in the world. Local news and the news from all over the world that catches my attention. I hope you enjoy and come back soon.