Gas Shortage Continues

It’s been three weeks since Hurricane Ike hit southern Texas and the southeast continues to have gas shortages. About a third of all the gast stations in this area do not have any gas at all, for an entire day at a time. Some stations do have gas but only for about 3-4 hours and then they run out.

Thanks goodness for the site Gas Buddy – I use it every day and have been able to find station that do have gas. I hope we are almost over this shortage. I need normal back in my day!

Out of Gas

This entire past week has been a problem for everyone in this area who needs to buy gas. There is no gas to be had. 85% of the gas stations are out of gas at any given time of day or night.

When the stations do get a tanker truck delivery, they are only getting a partial load and it is only regular gas. There has not been a delivery of premium grade gas here for over 7 days.

The price is not going up any higher than $409 per gallon, with most of the public aware of laws against price gouging. The price stays about the same but some stations are putting limits on the amount of gallons you can get at one time. That limit is usually 10 gallons, although the Thornton’s chain has imposed a limit of $75 per purchase.

All of this is ecause of the disruption to our pipeline from Hurricane Ike. The refineries in Houston that are closed or damaged are the ones that service my town plus most of the southeast.


We have had a problem with moles in our front yard all summer and the yard looks like a mole play ground. We have put out bait and mole traps to no avail.

The best defense against the moles has been our little dog, Diva. She has caught 8 moles so far this summer. She is a damn good hunter and has tracked the moles to their dens and caught them. Of course, she leaves the mangled corpse for me to clean up, but then, what is a dog’s human for? Clean up after them, and keep them fed and petted.

We love our dogs and Diva is our baby for sure.