Winter blues

As this month creeps along it has become the month of gloom and doom. The weather is horrible and I am not sure if spring is ever going to make an appearance this year. Some years we get a very early spring and years like this year it seems to creep to us. I know that this year I am so ready for spring and I want to be at the lake with the sun beating down on me, I just am not sure how long I will have to wait for it to be warm enough to go to the lake, I hope it is sooner rather than later.

Preds in a tail spin

This season for the Nashville Predators has been a roller coaster ride that I fear will end in a tail spin. I see a rough road for the team to climb to make the playoffs, we just simply do not have enough offense to make it to the second season. Our defense is still very young and plays hard most of the time, it is on the offensive side where we are having the most trouble this season. The return of Steve Sullivan has helped but not enough we need to make a big trade to get the fire power we need and it needs to be done very soon.


The news reports have about driven me crazy with the nonsense they put out there. The worst part is that they expect us to believe every piece of crap they report on. The real news you have to search for to even find out what is going on. After getting a drop of a good real story you never hear another word on them I guess they do not want us to be upset by the real news. Take for example the story of the Transit cop shooting an unarmed man in the back in Oakland California, here in Nashville we never heard word one of this important story, nothing on the internet either. The only way we found out was my spouse reads the Bay area papers on the internet and read it there or we would not of known anything about it at all. Give us the real news and keep the fluff pieces in your pocket.