Confused Driver

I could not believe my eyes coming home from work tonight.  As I was traveling my regular route home, I saw in the distance ahead of me a car that appeared to be trying to merge.  There is a short stretch of construction in this area where the right lane has to merge with the left.  This particular car was riding the shoulder right up to the point where the barricades begin.  I thought that this person was going to cream into the barricades!  I was afraid to pass him, so I let him in front of me.

Next, I watched this car stay in the lane that must turn left onto the interstate – with the intention of traveling straight.  Just as I tooted my horn to tell him to proceed through the green light and just as he was about to proceed, the light changed to red.  The driver then decided he was still going to proceed through the red light and nearly missed two lanes of traffic that were turning.  Hadn’t he swerved, they would have both T- boned his right side.

When the light changed to green I proceeded to dial the local police and inform them of this erratic driver.  I was able to get up in back of him and get his plate number and a description of him.  As I was on the phone with dispatch he attempted to pull over on the right side of the road.  During this attempt he used his left clinker to pull to the right side.  I hesitated to go around him but I did.  I then pulled into a store parking lot and finished giving directions to the dispatcher.

What a scary few moments that was.  I highly doubt that the local police will ever catch up with him, but I felt it was my civil duty to at least report it.

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