Insert Foot

Sometimes people should have a mute button. I wished that the person I was conversing with had had one today. I would have gladly pushed it before she released way too much information.

Luckily for her the information she released was not that harmful but could have been saved for inside of her head! Oh well unfortunately people do not have a mute button and we can really only truly be responsible for our own actions.  However, these same actions do have the ability sometimes to effect others. Therefore what would really be nice is to have the ability to scan and mute any words/ actions that could impact other peoples lives. This is all a dream of course.

No A/C

Now that it has gotten real hot and humid, the air conditioning on my Tahoe has decided to go out. I am not sure how much it will cost to get fixed but I have to get it in the shop to find out.

None of our vehicles right now has working air conditioning and that is a bad deal all the way around. It was 95 degrees today and they say that it is going to be even hotter tomorrow, I have to get the air conditioning fixed in one of our vehicles soon.

Each summer we hear stories about people leaving their kids or their pets in their cars during the extreme heat. It breaks my heart. I don’t understand why anyone would think that this would be acceptable. I think that those who are found guilty of this type of behavior should be punished in the same manner as the victim was treated.

Locked up

The technology behind the invention of lockers has increased greatly over the years. Lockers come in various shapes, sizes and textures. They can be seem in multiple venues and places where people feel the need to lock up their stuff.

People in the United States I think take their privacy very seriously. Using a locker is one way that an individual can ensure their property will still be available when they want it. As I mentioned before, lockers come in multiple forms. The one type of locker that I rarely hear much about are wood lockers.  I am not even sure who would purchase these types. My guess would be country clubs. The type of locker that always comes to mind when thinking about them are school lockers.

Schools have several uses for lockers. Inside a school, lockers can be found in hallways, break rooms and gymnasiums.  Growing up I always disliked the gym lockers the most. They were always too small and smelled. I think that these particular lockers never got cleaned. They were always disgusting! I wonder if there are lockers for sale that would eliminate stinky gym shoes?

Girls Night Out

We are going for our monthly girls night out. I think we will hit the Blues bar this month. I have to see what the consensus is with everyone else first though. I do vaguely remember on our last night out, we had said Blues Bar this time, so we shall see.

My mother is going to keep the kids over night, so I do not have to worry about them. I can crash at a friends if I choose and not even go home till morning. That is a good thing, since one of my friends lives in town and I can park at her place, then take a cab to the bar. No drinking and driving for us.

Cheesy Goodness

One of my absolute favorite kinds of cheese is provolone cheese. I think that this cheese goes really great with almost any sandwich. Personally, I prefer to use it the most in my sandwiches. Provolone has a nice mild flavor that mixes quite well with turkey and roast beef.

Another kind of cheese that I use a lot in Italian dishes is ricotta cheese. The dish that I use ricotta the most in is lasagna. I have tried multiple types of lasagna recipes and I think that recipe that ricotta works the best in is crock pot lasagna. The cheese melts really well in the crock pot especially because it is able sit for hours and melt amongst the rest of the ingredients.

Amongst all of the delicious cheeses to choose from I usually try to pick low fat cheese. Cheese although, good for you is also very high in fat. In moderation cheese is good for you. However, many of us have a hard time because cheese is nearly found in all dishes we eat.