I have been blessed with the best family. Unfortunately, many beloved family members are gone now and others are dealing with struggles, but we come from good roots and I know we will be strong for each other. MUAH!

It is always something!

I guess it will always be something! I go tomorrow morning for testing to see if I have Lyme Disease! Yes, i’ve been feeling poorly but attributed it only to getting older. Had a routine check up and yes, I just may have Lyme Disease.

I used to camp a lot, every other weekend. We had a little travel trailer that we pulled behind the pickup truck and would go all over the area, from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Eastern Shore. It was the best time of my life, and I still wouldn’t change it for the world.

Thankfully, Lyme is treatable, but sounds like a pain, as the antibiotics are not given in pill form but shot form. Because of the frequency, a port has to be installed, in my chest, I assume. I’ll have more information tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Doctor’s Courses

I continue to be amazed at how much information we have available at our fingertips. I am helping a Doctor friend of mine who lives overseas do some research on Management courses she needs to take. She was going crazy trying to do the research herself considering her busy schedule. Luckily, I can help her from this side of the Pond. It didn’t take many searches to find the first class she needed information on. It was the GP Exam.

On the same web page, I also found information on the GP Application which is the first step of the program. There is more information on gp recruitment and gpst stage 3.

I have found this topic fascinating, they even have courses on Time Management and Personal Effectiveness, both issues I could certainly use help with! I may never get to the UK but my laptop allows me to feel as if I can travel to any country instantly and research whatever i’d like.

Now, I’ll email my friend with the information I found so she can look into it when she has time.

Enough of this weather!!

The weather has been so strange this winter. I wonder if this is the effect of “Global Warming”. It’s be unseasonably warm and very sunny most days. I am really enjoying it but I worry that bad weather will hit very hard later this month or next. I have also noticed in years past, that when we do not have long hard freezes during the winter, fleas and other insects are much worse in the summer. My poor kitty cats suffer enough with fleas, i do not wish to invite more.

Today was perfectly sunny one moment and then snowing and hailing with high winds a few minutes later.

Oh well, we have no control. I’ll just sit back and enjoy whatever comes my way.

Where are you Spring?

It’s February, typically the bleakest month of the year. That ol’ Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on Ground Hog’s Day – which is my birthday, by the way, predicting 6 more weeks of winter. I get through the winter by daydreaming about sunshine and nice weather. I enjoy laying out in my back yard in a chaise lounge, sun bathing or reading a good book. To get me through the winter doldrums, I also like to plan my yard. I love to garden. My yard is small these days so I look for all possibilities for flowers and color. One thing I’m thinking about are window boxes. They allow me to use space above the ground, and I am certainly short on ground space. I think flower boxes would add color and beauty to my house.

You can plant hanging plants that cascade down, it can be a lovely effect. I tend to plant a lot of red flowers, my favorite color. I love geraniums, they would add a splash of red in a windowbox. I’ll have to look up the name of a silvery vine that I have seen that would look lovely aside my beloved geraniums. If it looks as good as I think, I will take a photo and post it!

Having a fun vampire theme Halloween party

Whenever I’m going to a Halloween party that isn’t actually on Halloween, I always appreciate when the party has a theme that you’re encouraged to dress up with to match. Even though I always put a lot of thought into my Halloween costume, I like to make sure that I don’t repeat it. I’ve just always been that way. So I thought that if I’m going to throw a Halloween party, I’m going to make sure that there’s a theme people will be able to dress up as to fit it.

This year, I’m throwing a vampire party. I looked online with my Clear Midland to find some ideas about some good themes that I could put on and I decided that would be the easiest to dress up as and that it will be really easy to dress to anyway.

Besides, I had some leftover vampire things from a Halloween a few years back that I thought I could get some use out of at this party. I think that this party is going to be especially fun and I’m looking forward to seeing how all of my guests decide to interpret the theme!