Stock Market

The stock market has continued its free fall towards the bottom even after the bailout’s and the election. My 401K has lost over three thousand dollars and is still sliding. I know that three thousand is not the end of the world but this is my retirement money we are talking about, and now all I can see is me working until the day I die and that is not a very pleasant thought to me. Let us hope that after the new administration comes into power in January things will get better, and I hope it gets better very quickly.

This weekend

I am very excited about this weekend we have tickets to go to the Grand Old Opry and I can not wait to see the show. We go to the old Ryman as much as we can to see shows it is a much better venue than the arena or any where else to see music shows here since they closed down Star Wood a couple of years ago, that never made sense to me as it was the only good outdoor venue here and they just tore it down to build a sub division, what a waste of good music at least that is the way that I feel. We do not need new houses we need a good outdoor venue for music.

Awards shows

One of the best things about living in Nashville is the awards shows that we get to attend every year. Tomorrow is the CMA awards downtown and I have had my tickets since the first of the year. We will go down to see the stars come in on the red carpet and then head in to see the show. I am very excited to be seeing a couple of acts that I have not been able to see in person including the Eagles, every time they have played here in Nashville I have not been able to go to the show so seeing them sing one song and possibly win the group of the year is very exciting to me. I can not wait for tomorrow.

Big weekend

Kevin Costner the movie star is bringing his band to the Grand Old Opry on Saturday night I can not wait to go see this show, I did not even know that Kevin Costner had a band let alone a band that was good enough to play at the Ryman. I know that several actors have made a good living off their musical talent including Billy Bob Thornton who we saw at the Levon helm concert, i think if an actor has enough talent they are more than welcome to sing for their supper too.