The hcg is working great

I really am over the top with this new hcg diet. I have lost a good amount of weight already and for see much more to come. I never thought that it would be this easy to do. I have struggled with weight loss for so long it is unbelievable. Having kids can play havoc with a woman’s body and losing weight after pregnancy can be very difficult with each successive birth. I have been very fortunate in finding these drops to help me with that. I have never felt this good about myself before, not even as a teen. I hope that everyone else who tries it has the same results I do.

Dinner time

I am feeling lazy tonight. I am just going to bake the chicken in the oven and make some easy sides. I love to cook, but sometimes I just don’t feel like it. I know that I am not the only one, but when you have children, you have no choice. I make sure that I have easy stuff on hand for those nights. They are still nutritious, but low maintenance and take little effort. Baked chicken, mac n cheese and some corn is the name of the game tonight. Easy peasy!

Sometimes, easy is the best way to go. The kids never complain about what I cook. I don’t want to too my own horn, but I do cook quite well. I know that this is actually one of their favorite dinners. All kids love mac n cheese after all.

More shopping

We suddenly realized that the catering company doesn’t provide the tablecloths we want for the wedding, so we have to buy some that will match the rest of the theme. They had several to choose from but it just wasn’t what my friend wanted. We are looking online to see what is out there. I am certain we will find what we need on there. Believe it or not, the table cloths are really important for the other decorations we already have. I didn’t even think about it at the time, but I am glad we caught it now, rather than later.

Planning a wedding is so full of details, that it is not uncommon to forget things. So we downloaded a wedding planner list from online to help us. We thought about it today after we realized we almost forgot the tablecloths. Now we are steadily checking off what we have already done and re making another list of things that aren’t done yet. This is really helpful. Now I am confident that we wont forget anything else, so long as it is on the list. There is, of course, always the chance but it is highly doubtful. Wish us luck!

Pretty new colors

I found some pretty new colors for my nail polish collection. I got them really cheap at the dollar store, they were only a buck a piece. This pretty blue-green color has a lot of sparkle to it, it’s called Treasure Island. I really like sparkly nail polish when I do my nails myself. This is what it looks like.

Dallas office cleaning

I was able to track down a Dallas office cleaning business for my cousin. Since he is starting his own practice and needs someone reputable to come in and clean the doctors office every night, I had to find one for him. He has been so busy trying to get everything ready to open the doors, that he almost forgot to get the cleaning crew.

This particular company uses an environmentally green clean method that is really good and makes sure everything is completely sterile. I am sure that he is going to be happy with their service as they came highly recommended.

Three day weekend

I completely forgot that this was a three day weekend. I started to get the kids up for school this morning, but fortunately I started with my eldest who informed me that it is MLK Jr. day and he has no school. He then told me to go back to bed and rolled over and went back to sleep. I had to chuckle over that. Made my day though, I went back to bed and slept in for another four hours. When the kids woke up, they didn’t even wake me up. My kids made themselves some pop tarts and have been playing games ever since. They are such good kids.

Going over the list

I have been going over the list of people who RSVP’d that they would be attending and I don’t believe we ordered enough wedding favors. There are lot more people accepting then we originally thought would accept. Of the two hundred and sixty invitations sent out, roughly two hundred and fifteen have accepted the invite. This is going to be a really big wedding, much larger then she had previously anticipated. We have been really surprised at how many people are going to fly in for the wedding. She has a large family and apparently so does the groom. I am going to wait out another week and then order more of the supplies that we are short on.

I will have everything taken care of in time for the wedding, of that I have no doubt. We have plenty of time to get everything sorted out. This may be a lot of work, but it is also a lot of fun. I really like planning weddings. I should do this for a living. People who plan weddings for a living, make really good money. I have talked to a few of them about it and it is very competitive as well. One man wouldn’t even talk to me, because he said I was potential competition. I thought that was funny.


Well that was not good to wake up to. The dog decided to get into the cats litter box and eat what the cat had left behind. Eww, factor of one million, but it also made her really sick and we had to clean the mess up first thing this morning. I didn’t even get to have a cup of coffee first. That is not the best way to start a Saturday morning. I had to scrub the carpet to keep the dyes in her dog food from staining the carpet. It has not been a pleasant morning so far.

I finally got my coffee and now have a ton of work to do today. The kids want to go to the movies later, but I am not sure. There are several movies that look good, but it is expensive and money is a little tight right now. I am still playing catch up after the holidays. I will have to check my finances before I give them the green light on that. Anyway, I am going to knock this work out, so I can enjoy the rest of my day. Later Gators!


This ice storm was really kind of scary. Fortunately for us it wasn’t as bad as they predicted. I was worried about losing power due to ice, but didn’t. I am prepared for storms like this though. I have a generator and fireplace to keep the house warm. I keep wood for the fireplace stocked up at all times. I don’t think we will have to worry too much about it anymore though. We are getting closer to spring with every day and have had a relatively mild winter so far.

It hasn’t been very fun for the kids though. They were hoping for some snow, so we could go sledding and build snowmen. That did not happen. We only get that kind of snow once every three or four years. Oh well, maybe next year they will get their wish.

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