Happy New Year Everyone!

Tonight is not only the end of 2010, it is the end of the first decade of the new millenium. That has been an interesting ride, these past 10 years. I cannot believe how much my life has changed since 1999 – most of it in a good way.

I hope as the second decade begins tonight at 12:01, that the New Year finds you in a warm, safe place, with loved ones around you. And I hope that 2011 turns out to be your best year ever!

Inmates dance to Michael Jackson

I am really impressed with this video. Taking into consideration the fact that these men do not have anything better to do with their time they were able to put this performance together quite well.

I saw the Michael Jackson movie and thought for what the movie represented (like a documentary) it too was produced well. On another note, I was surprised at the diversity of inmates at this Filipino prison. There was definitely more than just people in this prison from the native land. Anyway, this is worth watching!

Friday night shopping

Attempting to go shopping on a Friday night is a huge mistake, especially during the Christmas season!  First off there are way too many people in the large big box stores during this season in general.  However, it seems to me that this time of year Friday and Saturday nights are especially used for a  source of entertainment at these venues.  This makes getting through the isles extra tough. leading a person to be extra cranky!

Secondly,  the other challenge is not being able to fulfill your shopping goals because you end up running into ever Tom, Dick and Harry you know.  And while you could just ignore them and pretend you did not see them this would make life just a little more difficult down the road when actually do need to speak to them.  Therefore it is better to just take that extra five or too often 20 minutes out of your shopping and clog up another isle in the store chatting- like so many other people do.