County Fair

Tonight a group of friends and I are going to the county fair.  This fair isn’t really that big of a thrill but more of a social engagement.  I usually am able to catch up with some old friends at theses places.

My friends and I besides socializing like to grab some tasty fried dough and french fries.  These is nothing quite like the grease from fresh fried food.  It is a good thing that I do not have the opportunity to eat these foods all the time.  I would be as big a a house!

Fresh Fish

With the problems in the Gulf of Mexico and the big oil spill, I am worried that buying fresh fish at the market is going to become a problem here. I asked the seafood and deli clerk at Publix if they are having any trouble getting the fish and she said that they are fine, no trouble yet. Thanks good to hear, but I worry  about the winter and spring as the full effects become more evident.

Trip to the ocean

Today I have a day off and I have decided to venture to the coast.  I love the ocean.  The smell of salty ocean water is intoxicating.  If I could bottle up the smell I would.

I think that I will indulge in a lobster roll for lunch.  I treat myself to one of these at least a couple of times in the summer.  The cost of these has gone up sharply in the last few years.  I still think they are worth it.  The only thing that bugs me is when they skimp on the lobster and load the roll with mayonnaise.


Tonight is the annual fireworks in my community.  They are always spectacular.  This is when the community really comes together; on the Fourth of July.  My community spends a great deal of time raising money for the fireworks year round.

This year we have raised one of our greatest amounts so it ought to be a fantastic show.  After the fireworks we all gather at the dairy bar to eat ice cream.  I can’t wait for this too because I am really craving mint chocolate chip!  Happy Independence Day!