Happy Halloween

Just a little shout out to all of the goblins and monsters out there. Have a great time Trick or Treating and if you aren’t doing that then drive safely to whatever parties you attend.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, because it is just so much fun. What is your favorite Holiday?

So beautiful

Pink Japanese Rain Tree

I think this is so beautiful. I would love to have one of these in my yard. I can just see it now, as it blooms in the Spring. It would look lovely. I am going to have to find out how much one of these are. That way I can order one and plant it as soon as Spring hits. I am sure they are expensive, but totally worth it.

Movin right along

Well, I am cooking like a fiend already. Baking even before the holidays arrive. I made a pumpkin pie already as well as cookies. I have the makings for a Flan that I am going to make soon as well. Plus, I have to get a new food processor so I can make some of my Christmas cookies this year. You would not believe how much I use a food processor. I totally burnt the other one out in just two years. That is totally amazing.

My mother just laughs about it and says I am doing well if I can burn out a FP in that amount of time. Personally I think I need to buy a much better one than the last one was. Anyway, I am sure to gain some weight with all of this cooking.

The old homestead

I am at my grandparents farm for the weekend. The kids wanted to visit and spend a little time here and since they are on fall break, I thought it was a good idea. I am helping my granny do some canning and such. I love spending time with her doing this. My daughter is learning this old time skill and surprisingly enough, she is enjoying it too. There is something to be said for old school skills like this, it makes for really good family time.