I am the coupon queen. I love to find deals for all of the stuff I buy. One of the latest deals I have found is for flowers – just in time for Valentines Day. I love flowers and I love sending them to my mom and sister. I like to send flowers at random times of the year just to make them smile. It is very nice to receive flowers for no other reason then for someone to say I love you and appreciate you.

I am going to grow a bunch of flowers this spring out in the front of the house. I have already made a diagram of the flower beds I want to put in. I am trying to choose which flowers and colors would look the best and grow in at different times so there are always blooms in the yard. I am thinking that I want to do one section in red, white and blue flowers that will all bloom in time for the Fourth of July. That would look amazing.

Big Day for Spiders

spiders (free clip art)
spiders (free clip art)
Had to do some yard work over the weekend and I cannot begin to tell you about all the spiders I saw. There were brown recluse spiders under my trailer tarp, orb spiders in the bushes that I had to trim, tiny brown spiders in the tree that drops low over my driveway now, a black widow in the grass, and even a white spider that crawled out from the retractable dog leash that I picked up. I’m not afraid of spiders but I don’t like them and I am going to call the pest control company or head out to the hardware store to buy some pesticides. It just seems like last weekend was all about spiders.

Video taping the wild life out back

Ron was telling me that he thought that we were getting some undesirable night visitors lately, and he wants to buy a trail camera and install it to see what has been going on in the yard behind the house. He’s nervous about the black bears that our neighbors have spotted in their yards, and the feral pigs that have been spotted a few miles down the road. I suggested that before he just run out and buy a trail camera, that he read some Trail Camera Reviews to determine which one will do the job he wants done. There is no point in buying something that doesn’t fit your needs!

My yard

Well the storms over the weekend wrecked havoc on my yard and trees. I bought some tools from Sherrill Tree so we could go out and clean up the branches that are down and to trim the trees in preparation for the coming winter. I usually do it twice a year. Once in the spring, in time for the spring and summer storms and again in the fall. I kind of dropped the ball this year, because I didn’t do it earlier in the year. I know that I should have but I spaced it.

Our weather was mild this past spring which was why I forgot about it. It will be okay though. Now that it is being done, I will only have to have do it once this year. Next spring I will make sure to get it done when I usually do. I certainly don’t want to have any accidents happen like my next door neighbors. They had a really large branch come down on their porch roof and had to spend a lot of money fixing it. It would have been cheaper for them to have the trees trimmed then to have to deal with fixing the house too.

Cleaning up the yard

Don’t ask me how so much garbage and stuff gets all over the yard, because I have no clue. I think a lot of it has been blown in by the wind. It has been really windy lately and I know that stuff have been flying about a lot. I also had a problem one day with a stray animal getting into the garbage, but we picked all of that up already. Oh well, I suppose it is good that the weather isn’t that bad today. A little breezy and over cast, but that is about it. The kids are already working on the yard now. That way we don’t have to mess with it this weekend. Yaay for me!

This is pretty

Rainbow Rose

I think I will make this my desktop picture for a while. It is amazingly beautiful. I have seen a few roses in real life that look like this. The florist was able to use food coloring in the water to get them to turn such pretty colors. I might have to try it on my roses and see how it goes for me.

Green printing

The green printing I found recently really has me happy that there is another company taking responsibility for the carbon foot print they leave behind. Using recyclable products is also a great way to help the environment. My kids are always trying to think up ways to be more green. They learn so much about it in school these days that you cannot help but become and advocate for green living.

We even have our own compost bin to use for our garden. There are separate bins for plastics, aluminum, glass and paper. The kids have become fanatics about making sure the right product is in the right bin. The boys always help take them out to the road on pick up day too. I never have to ask them. It is really great!

Winterizing the trees

The time has come to winterize the trees here around the house. Sometimes we get really bad ice storms and need to cut back branches that could possibly break and fall on the house or cars. We picked up some arborist supplies a while back for just this occasion. Sometimes, it is necessary to do this in the spring too.

We get really bad spring storms, with high level, straight line winds. They can knock a full grown tree over in a split second. We tend to be very careful about how tall we allow the trees to grow right next to the house, because of it.

Cob homes

All natural
Cob homes with a living roof.


Cob homes are making a revivial from the olden days. Made out of clay, sand, straw, water and earth, they are similar to the adobe style homes of the South West United States. The come back for these types of homes can be directly attributed to the green movement. Building green saves you money and some of the homes are actually built with recyclable materials as well, so save the environment on a larger scale. I believe this is really the way of the future, by going back to the basics.