My sister loves the stars

I have a sister that is an astronomer. She loves nothing more than to spend hours looking at the stars. She loves the Catadioptric Telescopes because of their quality. I don’t know that much about things like that so I had to do a little research to find out which one to buy her for her birthday. I found all kinds of information and all kinds of telescopes at

The good thing is that she has now gotten into bird watching too. She is an outdoor girl anyway and by accident, she was playing with her old telescope one day and found an eagles next across the water from her house. There was even a couple of babies in the nest too. She was absolutely thrilled and that’s what got her into bird watching too. The eagles return every year too.


Fashion models walking the runways

It’s that time of year when the fashion models are walking the runways and showing off the newest lines from our favorite designers. It is also the time of year when we have that urge to shop till we drop and freshen up our own wardrobes. This is not at all surprising as the advertisements have boosted to catch our interest.

Before you go shopping there is an absolute must that you should do. Clean out your closet! Get rid of clothing that no longer fits or that is worse for the wear from being constantly worn. I know that it is your favorite blouse, but it is threadbare and should be pitched in the garbage. You will find a new one to take its place I assure you.

Find your local discount store that have the same fashions at cheaper prices that the high dollar stores do. There are a lot to choose from like, Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Ross just to name a few. Outlet stores are a great place to shop for good deals on clothing as well and they have a lot to choose from. Look up your local sales as well, especially towards the holidays. Everyone is having a sale during the holiday shopping season.

One of the best shopping tools is of course the internet. You can find lots of online coupon codes and such to help you save money as you buy those have to have items. You would be smart to shop at online stores that offer free shipping too. This saves you more money than you can imagine when it comes to shopping online. You can go for that Beyonce’ look, but make sure it fits your body style as well. You really want to shop for what looks good on you, not just for what you see the celebrities wear.

Take your time when shopping. You can’t find that perfect outfit, if you are constantly in a rush. Pick your day to shop, make sure that you have nothing else to do and nowhere else to be so that you can be totally relaxed and enjoy the experience. If you are rushing through it, you might not try on that dress only to get home and find out it doesn’t look as good as you thought it might. The changing rooms are in the stores for a reason so USE THEM! It also helps to take a friend with you who is totally honest when you ask how something looks. This will prevent you from buying something completely wrong that you will only have to return later.

Have fun and don’t forget to accessorize ! Belt’s, scarves, faux jewelry, shoes and bags are all part of the ensemble, and will really make that outfit pop even if you are buying clothes for work. You can still look amazing and be thrifty, while rocking really good outfits that are suitable for an office job. Never think that work clothes have to be dull and boring.


Video taping the wild life out back

Ron was telling me that he thought that we were getting some undesirable night visitors lately, and he wants to buy a trail camera and install it to see what has been going on in the yard behind the house. He’s nervous about the black bears that our neighbors have spotted in their yards, and the feral pigs that have been spotted a few miles down the road. I suggested that before he just run out and buy a trail camera, that he read some Trail Camera Reviews to determine which one will do the job he wants done. There is no point in buying something that doesn’t fit your needs!


I just had to order some c clamps online for the shop. He needs them for welding and two of his old ones broke. They were all really old and rusted and in dire need of replacing. So I am replacing all of them. I know that it will make things much easier on honey to be working with better tools.

c clamp
This is a c clamp

Jokes and Pranks

April 1 is always going to be a date that makes me paranoid. My family is always loving jokes and pranks, and April Fool’s Day is like the Super Bowl of practical jokes to them. Every year they try to out do each other on April Fool’s Day. The only restriction is that a person or animal cannot be physically hurt during or as a result of the prank.

Sometimes my brothers go to incredible lengths to plan out complicated pranks. I know one year my youngest brother plotted his prank for over a month and was able to get cooperation from several people outside of the family to help him pull it off.