Golden Oreos

As a kid we enjoyed a box of chocolate Oreos once in a great while as a treat. My mom liked cookies for things like long car rides, picnics and trips to the beach. But at home, we had dessert ever night after dinner, and it was usually either ice cream or pie.

I got out of the habit of having desserts and I rarely buy cookies. I guess that also reflects on how different my lifestyle is now as an adult. I rarely go on long car rides – stuck in bad traffic does not count! – I haven’t been on a picnic in years, and my one trip to the beach last summer was so short there was no food involved.

But today I bought a bag of the vanilla Oreos. They just seemed to be calling my name once I turned down that aisle in the grocery store. It was like a powerful “Buy me now!” magnet was pulling my arm toward the Oreos on the shelf.

I have to admit that I tore open the bag as I as unpacking the groceries. I just had to give them a taste and I’m happy to report that they are great!

Free Cell Phones

There have been a lot of commercials on TV promoting two companies who claim to offer free cell phones and free minutes each month to people who are disadvantaged. I can’t help wonder who is actually paying the bill for all these people to get free cell phones. Its not like they are a necessity – a cell phone is a luxury.

Why am I paying over $50 a month after all the fees and taxes for a phone when all these other people get their phones free? Is the Government spending my tax money to give all these people phones? I want a free phone, too!