I’m still stuffed

Well this had to be one of the best Thanksgivings I can remember. The children were all here with me, we have a new family friend that joined us too, and the rest of the family all gathered at Ma-maw’s house through out the day. Some came for dinner and some just for desert. It was wonderful.

The kids stayed with Ma maw so I could hit the sales Friday. I really saved some money and got most of my shopping done too. I got one of my sons a remote controlled dragon fly. He’s going to love it. I got my oldest son a ‘boom box’ I guess they still call them but this one is remote controlled and he can plug his MP3 player into it and play it through it. Pretty cool I thought.

My daughter is in love with the movie Frozen so I got her several things related to that. I know she’ll be thrilled with them. I’m not finished shopping yet but I’m getting close.

Great Movie

I don’t know if you have ever heard of this movie before, but I hadn’t. I only recently found and watched it and I was entranced. The movie is called Nell. It has Jodie Foster and Liam Neeson in the starring roles. The movie is about a hermit girl found living deep in the woods. When her mother is discovered to have died, she is found. No one knew that she existed so were completely taken by surprise by her appearance. Since her mother had suffered a stroke long ago and talked funny, Nell talked funny as well and they had to decipher her words to figure out what she was saying. There is of course much more to it than that, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. Watch it and see. It was a really great movie.

Great Movie !

Bills bills bills

I decided to go over the bills for the month and I am ready to pull my hair out. The cold weather drove my electricity bill up trying to keep the house warm. I have good insulation and everything, but it was really cold out. I don’t like the kids to get sick, so I keep it warm in here. Being stuck in the house apparently made the water bill go up as well as the cable bill. We ordered a lot of movies last month for lack of anything else to do. I usually keep better tabs on the movie rentals, as they are expensive at five dollars a pop. I write it all down, but then again I really didn’t care at the time. I needed something to occupy the kids and that was that. Oh well, it will all get paid, but there will be less movies rented in the future. I am glad the weather is better, so they can spend more time out side.

Movie night

Last night was movie night. We watched two movies, one for the kids and one for the adults after the kids went to bed. The first one was The Lorax. It was a cute movie about saving the environment from corporate greed. I really liked it because of the parallel with the reality of today’s corporate society. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of companies that are trying very hard to run their companies and preserve the environment as well, but there are a lot that do not do anything at all. Their footprint on our planet is much too large, but enough about that.

The second movie we watched was Loopers with Bruce Willis. It was a really good movie that was about hit men and time travel. Time travel was outlawed in the future, but the organized crime syndicates would use it to send people back in time that they wanted killed. Someone in the past would be there when the person arrived and kill them. However, at one point the person they had to kill from the future would be their future self. They would receive a large payment and be retired from service to live the next thirty years as they see fit. As you can imagine, one of the future selves gets away and pandemonium ensues.