For my Jeep

I found more parts for my 4WD Jeep. I really am having a lot of fun shopping for the stuff I want to fix it up. There is so much to choose from when it comes to modifying a Jeep. I have looked at all different set ups and have a few different ones in mind. Like most women, I am having a little trouble making up my mind about them. They all look so good, that it is hard to choose. I was thinking about putting a rack on the top of it for storage, but I am not sure which one will be better.

There is also new bumpers and fenders and other such stuff which will make my Jeep look amazing. My boyfriend has fixed his up and made it look really good. When he bought me mine for Christmas, he bought it with fixing it up foremost in his mind. My Jeep is a little different from his, but the concept is the same. We have had so much fun with our jeeps, that my brother is considering buying one as well. He was over here yesterday watching us search this site for parts. He gave his input of course on what he thought would look good and be useful as well.

I have a place drawn out with only a few adjustments for other stuff. Bestop is going to help me with some of that. I can’t wait to see the finished product. It is going to be so sweet looking. I hope to have it all done by the end of April. That should give me plenty of time before camping season gets here. We are already planning our first trip to the Smokey Mountains. We will be going as soon as school lets out half way through May. It’s going to be so much fun.

How to remove ice from your car

Here is a really good way to remove the ice from your car easily. Mix 2/3 vinegar with 1/3 water; just spray on windows and ice will melt! I have used this method for a long time now and it works like a dream every time. Trust me and give this a try.

Remove the ice easily

My Jeep

I am getting a new Rugged Ridge Bumper for my Jeep. I am so happy, because I finally get to start upgrading my ride. I want everything ready to go for camping and four wheeling season. Mine will have a winch in it for those times when I need to pull myself out or help someone else get unstuck. It never hurts to be prepared after all.

We have been making plans to go to a few really big gatherings this coming summer. We want to travel a bit and be able to take the kids to places that we have never been before. There are massive four wheeling events all over the United States. No matter where you live, you can find at least two or three in the surrounding areas to go to. I have never lacked for places to go four wheeling. I fell in love with big trucks and mudding when I was in high school. I used to go on the weekends with my friends on ATV’s and a few trucks as well.

My Jeep is my baby, just like my fiance’s Jeep is his baby and we are very particular about how we want them to be. His Jeep is just about finished thanks to me and the Christmas presents I bought him for it. There are only a couple of things he wants to get for it and then he will be completely done. Now it is my turn and I get to go all out for mine. I have picked out a bunch of stuff for it, but haven’t totally decided exactly which to buy. There is just so much that you can do to a Jeep to upgrade it, that choosing can be difficult. My fiance will help me narrow it down some and then I will make the final decisions. We are actually¬†sketching out what it will look like with all of the new parts on it.

Lift kit

So I bought my honey a lift kit for his 4WD for Christmas. He was so surprised by it. I knew which one he wanted and ordered it online. Hiding it was difficult to say the least. I had to get it up into the attic after I wrapped it, so he wouldn’t try to shake it to see what it was. When I took it down from there to put it under the tree, I buried it under the kids presents that we already had. He never even knew it was there.

You should have seen the look on his face when he opened it. That look was priceless. He didn’t think we had the money for it yet, but I had been putting away money for Christmas all year and didn’t let him know how much I had. It was a little trick but so worth the effort. Now his Jeep will look amazing with the lift on it. We are going to have to put some steps on it just to get into it now. Fortunately, they are not too expensive and we can get them buy the end of January. He will install everything at the same time.

I am so happy that I did this for him. It is hands down one of the best presents that I have ever bought him. He does a lot for us though, so he really deserved it. He asked me if I wanted one on my new Jeep, but I said no. I have to do the grocery shopping for the house and it would be too much to try and get the groceries in and out of it. Not to mention the kids have to be able to get in and out of it every day. Just too much trouble for an everyday vehicle.

New tires

Well boo, I have to go buy new tires for the Jeep. I really didn’t want to do that until after Christmas, but one of them went flat and my honey said to just go do it. Tires for a 4WD are not cheap by any means, but I have no choice so I will. I am going to have to take the kids with me and that can be a pain. Have you ever taken the kids to any kind of repair shop? If you have then you know exactly what I am about to go through. At least the shop we go to has a nice sitting room with a TV and refreshments as well. I will make them bring a book or something as well.

I have to write down what he told me about the tires to buy. I should have had him text it to me, but alas I didn’t think of it and he is at work. He wants me to get a slightly different tire then what is one there. The tires on it now are street tires only and he wants something a little sturdier than that. As you know we go out four wheeling and camping in remote places, so he doesn’t want to have to worry about the tires not being able to handle the terrain. That is definitely important when we are out in the woods. I will probably have to call him or take pictures of the tires from the shop and send to him so he can see what I am buying. I want to make sure that it is the right thing after all. I do not want to have to go back. I am not ever sure that you can once you leave. Better to get it right the first time.