Motorcycle run for a good cause

Motorcycle run for an elementary school is such a great cause. People used to look down on bikers for so long, but the one thing that they could never say, is that bikers don’t care about their community. Every year all over the country, these wonderful people have motorcycle runs that benefit children in many different areas. Most times it is a toy run for Christmas toys for underprivileged children, but sometimes they do them for other things like raising funds for schools. I think it is awesome that they put forth not only their time organizing such events, but their money as well.

Of course they get to do the one thing they love the most and that is ride their motorcycles on a nice long drive. Usually there is a concert of local talent at the park or area where the ride ends. You can usually buy various items fro local vendors as well. The vendors even donate a large portion of their sales to the charity to help raise as much as possible. I have been to a few of these.

Maintain your septic system to avoid problems

In the small town of Seaford Delaware, there is a lot of rural areas. Many people have septic systems rather than city sewage. For those who do, it is important to know how to keep your septic system up and know the signs of trouble you may encounter. There are four ” Red Flags” that you should be aware of that could spell trouble for your system.

  • If you haven’t had your septic tank cleaned or inspected in two to three years, you could have a problem and be unaware of it.
  • If you have standing water or mushy areas in your yard, then your drain field is not draining properly
  • Backed up or slow toilets are a clear sign that you probably need to have the tank drained
  • That “nasty” smell you cannot identify is probably your septic overflowing or backing up.

If you haven’t had your septic inspected, or have noticed any of these problem areas, then you need to look upĀ seaford septic tank cleaning and take care of this right away. There are many companies to choose from, and you can get estimates over the phone most of the time. Occasionally, they will want to look and then let you know what you are dealing with.

There are ways to keep your tank in good “health” with a few simple products that will keep it from clogging or backing up. You can start with the simplest product available. A product with bacteria or yeast is safe for your system and will help keep if clear longer. Do NOT use chemical additives as they can damage your tank and/or your lines, this goes as well for chemical clog removers. Hot water or a drain snake are the best things to use to clear a clog from your pipes.

There are two different kinds of filters that can help keep your tank in good health. One is a filter that attaches to the drain line of your washing machine. This will help keep lint from getting into the septic tank and clogging it up. The filter should be cleaned at regular intervals. You can also put a filter on the exit side of the tank. This will keep solid material from getting into your drain field. You can also use a different kind of bleach, called oxygen bleach to help keep food and dirt from getting into your tank. All of these products are available at your local Seaford stores.

There are certain jobs that you should not attempt to tackle on your own as you well know. You don’t attempt to fix electrical problems, especially those anywhere near the main breaker box. You don’t take on major plumbing problems and you should NEVER try to repair or clean your septic tank yourself. The gases inside a septic tank are highly toxic and can kill you very quickly. A professional should always be consulted for any septic system work that needs to be done. Regular maintenance and inspections will keep your system healthy so you won’t have any problems arise.


Landscaping is the final touch

You have decorated or remodeled the interior of your house, spruced up the exterior of it, but still have one thing left to do to be truly satisfied. Landscaping your yard to make it a showplace of it’s own and compliment the house as well. It takes a lot of research to figure out just exactly will look good in your yard with the given space you have to work with. Some people know exactly what they want, while others haven’t a clue. Make sure to clean up your yard of all the stuff that needs storage first. You might want to invest in a garden shed for this if you don’t already have one. You yard will look much better without all that clutter and leave you with the space to do your landscaping.


Figure out where you want your paths and the general layout. Keep in mind that this may change slightly as you do the landscaping as well. Choose your plants and flowers with an eye towards color all year long, not just for the spring time. Many plants and trees bloom a various times of the year and if you choose the right ones, you will have lots of color in your yard year round. If you plant in groups so that it looks more natural, you will have a much better looking yard. Nature is the best blueprint you can use.


Buy flowers that will bloom each year and not have to be replaced like perennials, certain shrubs and vines. There are also bulbs that you can plant in the fall, that will come up at spring time and you will have a sudden burst of color. Iris, tulip and daffodil bulbs can be planted in the fall and have this effect. You may want to choose flowers that will attract hummingbirds or butterfly’s. Morning glory’s, Bee balm, and verbena will attract both hummingbirds and butterflies to your yard and garden.


Trees can be a great addition to your yard and also double to shade the house during those summer months. Fruit producing trees, such asĀ Apple Trees, Cherry Trees and such are always a plus. They look great and give you fruit as well. Flowering trees like the Magnolia and Dogwood trees are undeniably beautiful, your spring and summer yard will have blooming trees that seem to last and last. Evergreen trees that never lose their color are great for winter color.

Rocks and Pots

You can add to your landscaping, with large pots and rocks or boulders. Large pots (not small ones) are as important as what goes in them. They can be pricey but are a good investment and will look amazing. Rocks are best found in your area. Most times you won’t even have to pay for them if you ask around to see where you might locate construction sites. You can also go to a quarry and buy them cheaper then you can from your local hardware store.