Electric Blankets Are Great Inventions

I don’t know about you, but I have electric blankets on all of the beds at my house. I love my electric blanket – I use it a lot! Even with wool socks and sock liners on my feet, my feet are cold all of the time, and having an electric blanket on at night helps warm my feet so that I can sleep better. My bed is king sized, and the electric blanket I have now has two controls – one for each side. I like that a lot better than the first electric blanket I had with only one control! My husband was always too warm, and I was always too cold! The biggest complaint that I have about electric blankets is that I’m always afraid of washing them, and afraid of the wires shorting out and catching the blanket on fire! But I’ve had one for decades, and that has never happened, so I guess the engineers knew what they were doing when they designed them!

Recently I started to think about getting an electric blanket for my car (since I don’t have heated seats,) and found the perfect one that I want to get at the http://cozywinters.com/electric-blanket/ website. I’m sharing the YouTube video of it here on this post. I like how it can be folded up and turned into a neck or lumbar pillow when not in use for warming you up!

Happy Valentines Day

valentines day (free clip art)
valentines day (free clip art)

Well I have learned something else. I have to do this for ME and not for my children. My children will benefit from it as much if not more than I will. Today is Valentines Day. The day you show your loved ones that you love them. Well of course I got my children valentines cards and candy but I also bought myself some flowers to she myself that I am loved too.

You know what? It actually felt good to buy myself something like flowers. I look at them and picture myself as one of the buds on them. A bud is nothing but a green object and you have no idea of the beauty that will come from within. Right now I’m a bud. Once I work a little more, I’ll begin to open up and start showing the beautiful flower within. I don’t know if I’m a dandelion or a rose yet but in time, I will. Even a weed can produce a beautiful flower and right now, I feel more like a weed than a rose bush but even something as beautiful as a rose has thorns.