Synthetic Reeds Might Be The Answer

Having never played any instrument that required a reed, I never realized what a pain in the neck a reed could be! A natural reed has to be kept moist (thank you bacteria!) and it can warp and crack. Today I have learned about the benefits of using a synthetic reed that won’t warp and crack, and it seemed to be a good idea to me! This YouTube video I was watching (below) addresses those issues and demonstrates the use of the Signature models synthetic reed. I think it sounds great, don’t you agree?

I’m still stuffed

Well this had to be one of the best Thanksgivings I can remember. The children were all here with me, we have a new family friend that joined us too, and the rest of the family all gathered at Ma-maw’s house through out the day. Some came for dinner and some just for desert. It was wonderful.

The kids stayed with Ma maw so I could hit the sales Friday. I really saved some money and got most of my shopping done too. I got one of my sons a remote controlled dragon fly. He’s going to love it. I got my oldest son a ‘boom box’ I guess they still call them but this one is remote controlled and he can plug his MP3 player into it and play it through it. Pretty cool I thought.

My daughter is in love with the movie Frozen so I got her several things related to that. I know she’ll be thrilled with them. I’m not finished shopping yet but I’m getting close.

Well I checked him out

I found a web site that tells you if there is a child molester in what ever radius you choose. There was no Charlie Benson listed which was a relief to me. I even looked up the number he gave me and it is registered to a Charles Benson so I think he’s okay so far.

Then I found a web site that lets you check criminal records. Again, no Charlie Benson. This seems so far to be just a nice older man who is lonely and wants a family to love. I’m going to take it slow and easy and see if I can learn more so I can really make sure my kids are safe with him. You just can’t be too careful these days with yourself and especially your children.

Online college

Most online colleges are good schools but I found how to get Online master degrees from one of the top ranked private colleges in the country. Yes a lot of the top colleges are afraid that attending classes online will not give their students a proper education but just the opposite is true.

One things for sure, if Kiplingers Personal Finance ranks Gonzaga University a best value among private universities, then it has to be a great college. I’m going to do a lot more checking into what they have to offer. A good education is something no one can ever take from you.

Free AntiVirus Messed Up My PC

antivirus (free clip art)
antivirus (free clip art)
When I got Comcast for my internet service they bragged about a free antivirus program that comes with the service, so I am supposed to save about $50 a year from not buying the Norton program and my internet will be safe. So my Norton expired and I downloaded the Comcast version. Now my computer is totally messed up. All my passwords and log ins that I had saved are gone. Not happy at all!

Social Security verification

Social Security (free clip art)
Social Security (free clip art)
With there being so many illegal aliens in our country now, a lot of business owners are beginning to do a Social Security Number Trace to make sure that the number they are supplied with is actually the persons that gave it to them. I think it’s a great tool and can not only help employers but can protect you too from having someone else use your Social Security number.

You know, it might even help employers keep from getting in trouble by hiring illegal aliens. Something needs to be done and this is just one more tool to help.

Three Times This Month

In the past thirty days I have had to upgrade the software on my blog. That seems a little excessive to me. I know the software was free and is one of the most popular blogging platforms available. But why so many upgrades? It makes me nervous that something must be so unstable that it needs constant fixing.

Video taping the wild life out back

Ron was telling me that he thought that we were getting some undesirable night visitors lately, and he wants to buy a trail camera and install it to see what has been going on in the yard behind the house. He’s nervous about the black bears that our neighbors have spotted in their yards, and the feral pigs that have been spotted a few miles down the road. I suggested that before he just run out and buy a trail camera, that he read some Trail Camera Reviews to determine which one will do the job he wants done. There is no point in buying something that doesn’t fit your needs!

Maintain your septic system to avoid problems

In the small town of Seaford Delaware, there is a lot of rural areas. Many people have septic systems rather than city sewage. For those who do, it is important to know how to keep your septic system up and know the signs of trouble you may encounter. There are four ” Red Flags” that you should be aware of that could spell trouble for your system.

  • If you haven’t had your septic tank cleaned or inspected in two to three years, you could have a problem and be unaware of it.
  • If you have standing water or mushy areas in your yard, then your drain field is not draining properly
  • Backed up or slow toilets are a clear sign that you probably need to have the tank drained
  • That “nasty” smell you cannot identify is probably your septic overflowing or backing up.

If you haven’t had your septic inspected, or have noticed any of these problem areas, then you need to look up┬áseaford septic tank cleaning and take care of this right away. There are many companies to choose from, and you can get estimates over the phone most of the time. Occasionally, they will want to look and then let you know what you are dealing with.

There are ways to keep your tank in good “health” with a few simple products that will keep it from clogging or backing up. You can start with the simplest product available. A product with bacteria or yeast is safe for your system and will help keep if clear longer. Do NOT use chemical additives as they can damage your tank and/or your lines, this goes as well for chemical clog removers. Hot water or a drain snake are the best things to use to clear a clog from your pipes.

There are two different kinds of filters that can help keep your tank in good health. One is a filter that attaches to the drain line of your washing machine. This will help keep lint from getting into the septic tank and clogging it up. The filter should be cleaned at regular intervals. You can also put a filter on the exit side of the tank. This will keep solid material from getting into your drain field. You can also use a different kind of bleach, called oxygen bleach to help keep food and dirt from getting into your tank. All of these products are available at your local Seaford stores.

There are certain jobs that you should not attempt to tackle on your own as you well know. You don’t attempt to fix electrical problems, especially those anywhere near the main breaker box. You don’t take on major plumbing problems and you should NEVER try to repair or clean your septic tank yourself. The gases inside a septic tank are highly toxic and can kill you very quickly. A professional should always be consulted for any septic system work that needs to be done. Regular maintenance and inspections will keep your system healthy so you won’t have any problems arise.