Golden Gate Bridge

Rainbow x2 Bridge
Image by Joe Azure via Flickr


This is a great picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. I went to San Francisco once when I was a kid. I really enjoyed the trip and seeing all of the sights. I think that perhaps I should take my kids there sometime. I know that they will like it. If we go that far, we could go to Washington State or Oregon and see the whales as well. I know that they would love that.

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Lift kit

So I bought my honey a lift kit for his 4WD for Christmas. He was so surprised by it. I knew which one he wanted and ordered it online. Hiding it was difficult to say the least. I had to get it up into the attic after I wrapped it, so he wouldn’t try to shake it to see what it was. When I took it down from there to put it under the tree, I buried it under the kids presents that we already had. He never even knew it was there.

You should have seen the look on his face when he opened it. That look was priceless. He didn’t think we had the money for it yet, but I had been putting away money for Christmas all year and didn’t let him know how much I had. It was a little trick but so worth the effort. Now his Jeep will look amazing with the lift on it. We are going to have to put some steps on it just to get into it now. Fortunately, they are not too expensive and we can get them buy the end of January. He will install everything at the same time.

I am so happy that I did this for him. It is hands down one of the best presents that I have ever bought him. He does a lot for us though, so he really deserved it. He asked me if I wanted one on my new Jeep, but I said no. I have to do the grocery shopping for the house and it would be too much to try and get the groceries in and out of it. Not to mention the kids have to be able to get in and out of it every day. Just too much trouble for an everyday vehicle.

A no show

Well my ex mother in law was supposed to pick up my kids for the weekend through the first of the year. She didn’t show up, AGAIN! This is like the fourth time she hasn’t shown when she was supposed to come get them. They are so disappointed. I am really tired of her disappointing my children like this. It’s just not right! They deserve better treatment from her. It really shouldn’t surprise me at all that she does this. After all, her son does it to his kids all the time. She didn’t even call to say she wasn’t coming. I had to call her house to find out where she was and I could here her in the back ground when they said she was sick and sleeping. So they lied on top of it. I am really angry with her, and don’t see myself getting over anytime soon. Next time she calls and asks for the kids, I will just tell her don’t bother since you won’t show up to pick them up anyway and hang up.

Dental practice for sale

I got to help my cousin evaluate a dental practice for sale. Believe it or not it was a lot of fun and I learned a tremendous amount about the process. The practice wasn’t very far away from here and this means I learned a lot about my area as well. There were things I didn’t know about the demographics for this area, which was really cool to find out. I found a few online courses for the classes that I want to take. Now I just have to find out about the credits and funding for it. I cannot believe how much I am looking forward to this! I am really excited!

Build your own Cob home

I am glad that these skills are coming back today. Learning to build a cob home is relatively easy and is amazingly cheap to do. If your friends help you, they learn new techniques that are really helpful to them as well. It is a very green way to build and is very sturdy in comparison to some of the materials that are used today for most wood frame houses. I have been studying this for a while now and would really like to try it someday. I may start with a cob outbuilding for my property, or something like that. We shall see.

Cleaning done

I have spent most of the day cleaning up after the holiday celebration. I even took down the Christmas tree a bit early. I just wanted it all done and out of the way this year. Usually I leave it up until after the new year, but not this time. I had the kids all help me and we got it done lickity split. It certainly made it much easier and I was able to pack everything away much more carefully then normal. Last year the kids were already back in school and when I took it down, I just tossed it in the boxes and had done with it. I promised myself that I would not do that this year and managed to keep my promise to myself. Woo Hoo! That makes me a very happy person. Hope everyone has a great day!

Dental practice valuation

Dental practice valuation is basically a marketing strategy to see what a dental practice is worth so that it can be sold or evaluated for potential sale. I am learning so much about marketing lately from my cousin. I have found that I really like it and am seriously considering going back to school to take some marketing classes. I already have a business degree which covered a small part of marketing when I got it, but a more advanced class on it would definitely be a good thing. I am sure that it would look really good on my resume, and I will learn something that really interests me to boot. I am definitely looking into it.

Holiday weather

Gosh there is some crazy holiday weather out there. I can see on the weather channel there is blizzards up north and tornadoes down south. We have been getting between rain and snow off and on today with no accumulation of course. The kids are not happy about that either. They want to play in the snow and that will not be possible. I am kind of hoping that we will have one good snow this year. God knows we haven’t had any for the last winter season. We barely got an inch last year. I am glad we aren’t getting that blizzard though.

A little fun

Have you ever been to a psychic? I have and they can be a lot of fun. A small fair came into town a couple of days ago and we walked around it for a few hours this morning. They had a fortune teller tent, so my friend Sally and I decided to go in and see what she had to say. It was enlightening. I had my Tarot cards read and then she looked at our palms and gave us all kinds of information about ourselves. I thought it was totally cool.

When we got home, I decided to look up psychics online and do a little research. They are a lot more popular then they used to be. You can get readings from lots of different sources and ways. From phone calls to online tarot programs, there is no limit to it. I didn’t realize that this kind of spirituality had gone mainstream. I think it is really cool though. I will have to get my cards read more often, because the woman who did it, hit the nail on the head. Everything she said was true. I am definitely encouraged to try it again, that is for sure.


Picture from the Hubble Telescope

I found this for the kids. They love seeing pictures from space. We like to visit the NASA site a lot too. They have a section just for kids, to play learning games all related to science. I think it is a great interactive tool for teaching them. I hope you like the pic as much as the kids do.