Everyone loves music

Everyone loves music, but children are especially drawn to it. They love to dance and sing and do it often and loudly. If you have children, you already know this. They start with the lullabyes we sing them and move on to the preschool songs we play them and that they hear on preschool TV shows like Jacks Big Music show and the Wiggles are excellent examples.

Encouraging music in your children will help them developmentally. Children who play and sing regularly are more inclined to do better in school. They read better, are better at math and science and generally get along better with other children. They are much more likely to go to college as well.

As a parent we begin teaching our children long before they ever reach a classroom. We teach them their first language and many times their second one as well in multilingual households.  Giving them a wide variety of musical genres is great for them. Whether you are playing music in the car or as you clean your house, they watch, listen and learn from everything you do. Having them take music classes at some point in their childhood is a phenomenal way to assure that they will be successful in life as musically oriented children tend to make better life choices later on.

When you choose and instrument for your child, take them to a music store with instructors and let the kids play with a few instruments to see what they like the most. This will let you know exactly where their interests lie and just what they can actually handle at their given age. There are certain instruments that will be too heavy for them, or for their small hands to handle. Also, there are a lot of instruments that have “child size” for those little guys to actually be able to learn on and play with proficiency. Violins are a perfect example of that. They come in really small sizes that are perfect for little fingers to play.

The violin is not easy to learn though. At least not as easy as learning the guitar, because drawing the bow across the strings is more difficult than plucking or strumming the strings is. Piano is a common instrument for children to begin learning to play, however if you don’t have one at home and can’t afford to buy one for them to practice on, you probably should choose something else. Learning to play an instrument requires lots and LOTS of practice.

Most schools have music class and usually the children learn how to play the recorder at some point, but it is not the same as private lessons. They do not get the one on one attention in a school classroom as they do from a private instructor. Add to that the music teachers in the school do not teach a variety of instruments either. It is very basic and only teaches them about music in general. Bear this in mind when you make your decision on whether or not to have them take lessons.


Venetian masks

Women love to decorate, at least most women do. It is a passion we all share when it comes to making our house a home. Finding new and unique ways to make our home look amazing is a task that can be very daunting. Whether it is because of money, time or just indecision, this process can sometimes take a while. Here are a few ideas to help you decorate your home with style.

Some people like to use a theme for their decorating style. These can be great so long as you go for something really unique and not something that has been done over and over by everyone you know. The Venetian Mask Society has a great theme that is not seen a lot. Hanging a varied assortment of masks on your walls will give you some really great pieces to talk about when friends visit.

If your budget doesn’t allow for any extravagant expenses, you can always use some of these cheap decorating ideas to make your changes and still be happy with it.

  • Painting the space you want to change can make a drastic difference.
  • New lighting can change the ambiance in the room
  • Throw rugs or area rugs can help make a room look more comfortable.
  • Add a few plants or flowers
  • Rearrange the furniture to make for a better or at least new room.
  • Organize your clutter and get rid of anything that just lays around.
  • Use bold colors to accentuate




My hair

I really love these new feather accents for your hair. There are websites that have seasonal collections that have not only the feathers, but hair chalk that you can use to have a different look without it being permanent. I really like the spring and summer ones a lot. Of course since it is summer right now, and the colors happen to match my bikini they are just perfect. I have never tried the hair chalk before, but it ought to be interesting. According to one site, it is easy to apply and wont permanently stain your skin, hair or clothes.

I am always up for trying new things when it comes to fashion. I do have a good sense of what will not look well on me, but I never buy clothes without trying them on. Likewise, there are beauty salons that have these products and I can have them do it once to see how they look first. I intend to do just that. My daughter wants to get the feathers as well, so I think we will have a mother/daughter day and see how we like it. Perhaps we will even get a manicure and pedicure as well. I know that she will absolutely love that.

Vacation in Paris

I am jumping for joy! I get to go Paris for vacation this year and stay in a luxury apt, while I am there. I cannot wait to see the Eiffel Tower and Versailles, just outside of Paris. There are so many things I want to see while I am there. I love art, so I am excited to be able to visit the Louvre and see all of the great master pieces that I haven’t seen yet. It is going to be awesome!

Helping your community

Ever since I was a teenager I have had a passion for helping others. When I was in Junior High, we had to do community service and it taught me something more about life. Life can be very difficult for people and giving them a little bit of help and hope for the future is very important. There is a community outreach program that I really like. It is the sing for hope program that uses art and artist to help raise money and also to help children through artistic self expression. For kids, this is very important if you live in an inner city area without much hope of leaving it.

I have been to areas like this and a lot of times the kids just need a little attention to explore what it already there, so they can tap their own inner resources and help themselves. Many times these kids have single parents who work multiple jobs and are unable to give them that attention. Many singers and artists volunteer their time and resources to help these kids find and reach undiscovered talent.

These same artists also volunteer their time to perform in healthcare facilities for the patients, visitors and staff, bringing joy and hope to them as well. Projects like this are wonderful for communities and bring people together. Anyone can join and help out. Those who have a talent for teaching are most welcome as well. If you can play an instrument and are willing, you can make a difference in a child’s life. Our children are our future. Helping them is very important. Passing along knowledge for future generations is imperative. I am going to donate both time and resources to this worthy program and have my kids help as well. There is no reason for them not to learn the life lesson I had when I was a kid.

Golden Gate Bridge

Rainbow x2 Bridge
Image by Joe Azure via Flickr


This is a great picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. I went to San Francisco once when I was a kid. I really enjoyed the trip and seeing all of the sights. I think that perhaps I should take my kids there sometime. I know that they will like it. If we go that far, we could go to Washington State or Oregon and see the whales as well. I know that they would love that.

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Up cycling Goodwill buys

Neat little ideas to spruce up those Goodwill and yard sale finds. It really doesn’t take a lot to make an object fresh and new again. You don’t even have to use it for it’s original purpose either. Just be creative and you can make over anything you find and use it to decorate your home with original style. Hope you like her ideas!


Black Beauty

I have never seen a more beautiful horse in my life. He is unbelievable, just like a work of art. It reminds me of that book I read and watched the movie when I was a kid. It was called Black Beauty. The real horse was named Cass Ole. I got to see him at a horse show when I was a teenager. I even had my picture taken with him. The horse show was the World Famous Lipizzaner stallions. They do amazing tricks and are amazing to watch. I really miss being a kid at times like these.

This is pretty

Rainbow Rose

I think I will make this my desktop picture for a while. It is amazingly beautiful. I have seen a few roses in real life that look like this. The florist was able to use food coloring in the water to get them to turn such pretty colors. I might have to try it on my roses and see how it goes for me.