Haiti is such a poor country with so much poverty that we Americans could not imagine.  We think we have it bad, we live like kings compared to the people of Haiti.  They suffer every day and then something as horrific as this happens.

“Three days after the concrete building suddenly collapsed during a children’s party, killing at least 94 students and adults and severely injuring 150 more, Capt. Michael Isetan of Fairfax County, Va., said the chance of more survivors was remote. He also said the death toll won’t likely go much higher. U.S., French and Haitian firefighters used sonar, cameras and dogs Monday in the search for victims at a collapsed Haitian school, but as the stench of death rose from the wreckage, they no longer expected to find anyone else alive.” was written on November 10th.

What an awful tragedy. They are not even sure just how many people were in the building when it collapsed, though the school is believed to have had about 500 students. Haitian officials said some had time to escape when it began to fall. Some students weren’t at the school during the collapse because La Promise was holding a party requiring a donation of about 50 cents that poorer families could not afford, said Deputy Steven Benoit, who represents the area in the Chamber of Deputies.

That was one time that being poor probably was a blessing to some of those people because at least their children are still alive. My heart breaks at the thought of all of those children being trapped and killed in a building that should have been the safest place for them to be and yet it turned into a living HELL for the whole community.

What a shame

Did you hear about the man that came from Ohio to Atlanta Georgia for his fathers funeral and was shot and killed while in Atlanta?  That was absolutely awful.  Someone apparently tried to carjack him and killed him in the process.  Now the poor family is not only mourning the loss of a father but also his son.

What is wrong with this world?  What evil has taken over so much so that innocent people are killed for their vehicle?  Is it drugs or just plain old evil?  I wish I knew the answer so that something could be done about it.  There are so many people suffering because of violence that is senseless.

There was a 10 year old boy that went to a door on Halloween, the light was on so the child thought they were handing out candy.  His parents watched as he knocked on the door and the man inside shot through the door 28 times with an assault rifle thinking someone was trying to break in.  Can you imagine the horror these parents felt watching someone shoot 28 times at their son, killing him instantly.  They don’t want the man put to death, they want him to have to live with what he did to their child.  I can’t say as I blame them.

Did you vote?

I sure hope you took the time to go out and vote.  I am both ashamed and proud to let you know that this is the first year I have ever voted.  I was eligible the last time but had my head up something and didn’t realize the importance of it.  Now I do.  This is one of the most important rights we as Americans have and we should all exercise that right and vote.

Someone heard me complaining about something to do with our government and asked me if I voted in the last election.  I told them I had not and they told me I had no right to say anything then because I left it up to everyone else to choose our current government and if I wanted the right to complain, then I needed to vote.  Then and only then, they said, did I have a right to complain.  I thought about what they had said and I agree with them.  Well this time, I did my civic duty and I voted.  I hope you did too.