Memorial weekend

Memorial weekend was a blast! We took the boat out on the river and camped out for the first big weekend of the summer. There were several other families that are good friends of ours as well as the river being chock full of boats and people. The sand bar was so full, boats were tethered to each other out into the river to keep from floating away. A great time was had by all! Since I was gone all weekend and didn’t have time, Thanks to all our veterans!

memorial day
Thank you!

Schools out and OMG

As a mother the beginning of the school year is exciting and new. We start fresh with new paper, notebooks, pencils and each day we help with homework and projects. As the year wan’s on, we get to that point where we cannot wait for the last day of school. The last few weeks, I don’t even bother to ask about homework, or sign notebooks. I am burned out and exhausted from constant go go go.

For some reason the teachers decide that they need to do a crap load of projects and such the last few weeks and honestly, I couldn’t care less. It may seem like I am a bad mother to them the last few weeks, but seriously, I am past the point of caring what they think. My kids will have a new teacher next year and we get to start fresh.

Then comes the realization that school is officially out and we can sleep in. Yay for me! However, big HOWEVER! Now I have three kids at home who think it is my job to entertain them. Zzzzz, I don’t think so. When I was a kid, we entertained ourselves and this summer they have no choice but to do the same. I know I will hear some whining, ( that is inevitable) but they are going to spend as much time out of doors as possible. (I hope and pray) O.o

I hate it when that happens

Don’t you just hate it when your boss asks you to come in early to finish up a project that “has” to be done by the next day at a certain time, only to find out that you won’t be working on that project. Then you end up cleaning shop instead because there is nothing important that needs to be done. Well that happened to my hunny today and he is not happy. They are actually already done for the day and he is on his way home as we speak. So now he get’s shorted hours that he would have had a full day because it would have been closer to quitting time and they would’t have left. Ugh!

Late night dinner for two

Last night was a great night. Once I got the kids fed their dinner (pizza), bathed and down to bed, I started cooking dinner a Deux. My man had to work really late and I knew that I wouldn’t sleep until he got in, so I figured we could have a nice relaxing dinner on the patio for just the two of us. I made Grilled chicken Asiago with cheese tortellini, a tossed salad and Italian seasoned bread. A nice bottle of chilled white wine and some candles and I was set.

We really enjoyed the time alone and he was very impressed with our dinner. It was actually easier to make then you would think, but we won’t tell him that. I tell you, it was long over due for some quality alone time. If you haven’t done it yourselves lately, take a page from my blog and go for it! You won’t be disappointed.

If there’s a will, there’s a way

I have been wanting to take my kids to Orlando to go to Disney and the rest of the parks for a long time. Since it is a long trip and expensive, I want to do as many parks as possible and really get my money’s worth. To this end, I started a savings account a few years ago and have steadily put money into it a little at a time. I have it taken directly out of my paycheck when it is direct deposited and don’t check the account all that often. Until today. I was surprised at how much money is in the account.

I realized that we can do our Disney trip this year. I am so happy about this. I haven’t told the kids yet, because I am trying to figure out how to get them down there without them knowing where we are going. This is a little tricky. I may be able to get my parents involved and see if they would like to go as well. We could take their Winnebago and leave at night. Since it is only a twelve hour drive, we can be there by morning and the kids would wake up as we pull in to the Disney camp grounds. I know that my mom would love it, but my father hates to drive at night. Further more, he doesn’t like anyone else to drive his rig, or my boyfriend and I could help by taking shifts. I am going to call mom and have her start working on dad right away. I really want to surprise the kids. It would be just awesome!