Now this is a pretty neat gift

My father is one of those people that has to know what the 5 day forecast for the weather is so he can plan the next five days.  Well I couldn’t believe it when I found a 5 day Wireless Weather Forecaster by Brookstone. That is absolutely the most perfect gift I can get for my father. It’s also something that hopefully no one else would think to get him.

One year I got him a scale model of an Indian Motorcycle like he used to have and my sister got him the same thing but it happened to be a different color thank goodness. Well I bet that won’t happen again this year.

Going bonkers

I think I am going bonkers today. These kids have been on it all day and I haven’t been able to get any work done at all other than laundry. The rain over the past couple of days has kept them indoors and they are chock full of energy. It has only just started to be sunny outside in the last 15 minutes. However, it is so muddy out now, that sending them outside is not an option unless I want to have to hose them down before they come back in. Blah!


Eww !

My yard

Well the storms over the weekend wrecked havoc on my yard and trees. I bought some tools from Sherrill Tree so we could go out and clean up the branches that are down and to trim the trees in preparation for the coming winter. I usually do it twice a year. Once in the spring, in time for the spring and summer storms and again in the fall. I kind of dropped the ball this year, because I didn’t do it earlier in the year. I know that I should have but I spaced it.

Our weather was mild this past spring which was why I forgot about it. It will be okay though. Now that it is being done, I will only have to have do it once this year. Next spring I will make sure to get it done when I usually do. I certainly don’t want to have any accidents happen like my next door neighbors. They had a really large branch come down on their porch roof and had to spend a lot of money fixing it. It would have been cheaper for them to have the trees trimmed then to have to deal with fixing the house too.

Up early

Well today I just couldn’t seem to get back to sleep when my honey left for work. So I got up and started laundry at six o’clock in the morning. I took out something for dinner and I have been cleaning already. Now I am going to sit here and get some work done for a couple of hours I hope. Of course the kids will be up soon and I will have to fix them breakfast, but that won’t take long. Perhaps I can get everything done by noon and take the kids to the park or the lake. Depends on the weather I suppose.

Hope this works!

This is where I wish I was

I wish I was sitting by the water somewhere in warm weather with a cocktail in my hand. I think that the endless cold weather and constant problems from the past few months have finally caught up with me. I am ready for summer and BBQ’s and relaxation. *sigh*

Lazy Sunday

Well today is going to be a lazy Sunday. I woke up with a head ache and just feel blah. I am going to take it easy and relax today. I am glad that the weather is good though, so the kids can get outside an play for a while. All the nasty weather has kept us all indoors and we have been getting a little claustrophobic from being forced to stay indoors. I wish I was feeling a little better, then I could take the kids to the park or something. Who knows, maybe I will feel a little better later and we can go do something, but I doubt it. Sigh…

Cleaning up the yard

Don’t ask me how so much garbage and stuff gets all over the yard, because I have no clue. I think a lot of it has been blown in by the wind. It has been really windy lately and I know that stuff have been flying about a lot. I also had a problem one day with a stray animal getting into the garbage, but we picked all of that up already. Oh well, I suppose it is good that the weather isn’t that bad today. A little breezy and over cast, but that is about it. The kids are already working on the yard now. That way we don’t have to mess with it this weekend. Yaay for me!

How to remove ice from your car

Here is a really good way to remove the ice from your car easily. Mix 2/3 vinegar with 1/3 water; just spray on windows and ice will melt! I have used this method for a long time now and it works like a dream every time. Trust me and give this a try.

Remove the ice easily

Joy joy – Nonstop Rain

Oh the joys of rain non stop. I checked the weather and we are going to have rain for another two days at least. On Tuesday it will be a rain snow mix according to MSN. Such dreary weather is depressing. I can’t wait for spring, but I won’t be looking forward to the storms we get at that time. They have become more violent over the years with a lot of tornadoes. I am scared to death of those things. Anyway, before I scare myself silly,  I will find something else to talk about.

Missed the bus

I didn’t sleep very well last night and consequently, the kids missed the bus this morning. I got one of them up, and went back to sleep. Big mistake. I usually doze after the first ones get up, because one has to shower in the morning. He prefers it that way. The youngest doesn’t have to be up for another forty five minutes so I have a little time to kill. With very little sleep last night, I didn’t get back up in time and had to take the kids to school. That was fun….not.

First when I went outside, I slid in the mud and knee planted in the middle of a stepping stone. That hurt and still does. I am hoping that it doesn’t swell up. Then because it is raining, I had to drive in the rain which I hate. I got one to school on time the others, were slightly late. I don’t understand why the schools have to be so far apart. It’s really irritating. Tomorrow, I will make sure I am not too late getting them up for school. I hate it when they miss the bus. Note to self; go to bed earlier tonight and get some sleep.