The printing industry

Earlier this month I was talking with Uncle Dave, who is a retired bookbinder. He was telling me about how he used to work for a book publishing company, and his job was to apply glue to the bindings of the books. I wish I had asked him for more details about the job because now I find myself wondering if he actually applied the glue by hand with a brush, or if there was any kind of machinery involved to help him with the application process. I wonder what his reactions would be if I showed him the web to print storefront business website that I found that does so much of the work digitally and mechanically that used to be done by hand. Progress can be bittersweet sometimes. The conveniences are great, but sometimes the workforce has trouble adapting, and a lot of people end up underemployed, and that can cause a lot of hardship if the workforce is not properly retrained. Thankfully my Uncle Dave is retired, and not looking for a job, so that has not had a negative effect on him.

Gifts for loved ones

When it comes to buying gifts for my loved ones, I am always looking for sales on good gifts. Sure you can rely on online Black Friday deals, but they are only once a year. I much prefer finding my sales on a daily or weekly basis. I have a budget and I do my best to stay on it. Sales are the best way to save money when you have a family. My family budget is not static, but I do try to keep it within certain limits. The kids helps as much as children can, by conserving on that kiddie stuff, but it doesn’t always do the job.

As frustrating as it can be to create a budget and stick to it, we do our best. It always helps to have the children involved in the budgeting and saving. There are many ways to achieve this. Coupons are one of the best ways to save money. You can find coupons for just about any product out there. Weather you are buying diapers or formula, it doesn’t matter. If you work together on your budget you can actually have a better marriage. Money is the one thing that every couple argues over. It is actually the easiest thing to overcome.

Once you have decided on what kind of lifestyle you want to have, you can agree on how to save your money. There are green lifestyles, as well as the I am not involved kind of lifestyles. No matter what you are into, you can save money.

Ball with the kids

We had a great day today. We decided to get out of the house while we can before winter gets here, and go to the park. There is a couple of baseball diamonds there and we played ball with the kids for hours. The little guy got to go play for a little while on the playground as well. We did lose one ball over the back fence. As we were in the back field that butted up to the woods, we had to go search for it and found a ton of baseballs as well as a couple of softballs. Some had apparently been there for a long time and were about ruined, but the kids were happy to find them anyway. They will play with them with the dog and that way he won’t get their good baseballs and tear them up. It was a great day.

Community Service Clubs VA

My good friend has become involved in a community service club va recently, and she has been on an emotional roller-coaster ride ever since. It would seem that even though the club she joined told her that they needed certain types of help, and said that they knew that they needed to change, and asked her for help, when she provided that help, and produced what they needed, they quickly realized how inept they must look and became quite jealous over the success of my friend’s efforts!

So they started to treat her very badly, and she went and complained to one of the “higher muckity-mucks” of the club, who quickly made arrangements to try to get her promoted to a position out of that club, so she could help MORE clubs with her efforts than just that one club.

She has been promoted to a better position, and although she still has to deal with the original club, and their disagreeable antics, the other clubs in the Community Service VA organization have been quite complimentary about all of the hard work and efforts that she has been doing to help the clubs with their goals.

She even recently learned how to convert a power-point presentation and turn it into a video and upload it to YouTube, all to promote the Community Service Club VA!

Everyone in the organization that saw the video commented on how much they liked it, although the actual club it is promoting didn’t do so much as to grunt an acknowledgement!

So much for Goodwill!

But most of the rest of the 24 clubs in her District seem to like her, so most of the time she is feeling appreciated, and that is a good thing.

Take care of your teeth

Your health is the most important thing you have. Ensuring your continued good health can be directly related to your teeth. We are taught very early to brush our teeth, our schools even advocate good dental hygiene as we are growing up, but did you know that your teeth can tell your doctor a lot about your health? A doctor can look into your mouth and see if you have one of several diseases from what he sees.

  • Tooth loss can tell your doctor that you have osteoporosis or bone loss or even kidney disease .
  • Pale gums can indicate that your are anemic or have low iron in your blood.
  • Loss of tooth enamel can indicate an eating disorder, such as bulimia.
  • Thrush (typically found in babies) can indicate in an adult that they might have HIV or Diabetes.
  • Gum disease could very well tell your doctor that you have rheumatoid arthritis. Or in pregnant women could indicate that they will have a premature birth for their baby.

This of course is not always the case but it is one way the doctor can gauge your health, with just a peek into your mouth. In order to keep your teeth healthier, you might want to use a softer toothbrush to start. It will help keep you from accidentally brushing away your tooth enamel. Chewing sugar free gum and brushing with baking soda will help keep your teeth healthy since they get rid of that pesky plaque and stains. Don’t forget to floss daily either. This will help keep the areas between your teeth clean, and keep your gums healthy in the process.

Did you know that brushing your teeth can help keep you from getting sick? Plaque is a bacteria and bacterial infections can give you pneumonia and other respiratory diseases. Brushing will also ensure a healthier pregnancy and help keep a woman from having a baby with low birth weight. Brushing your teeth after you eat will also help with weight loss since everything usually tastes awful afterwards and you are less likely to snack.

Gum disease has a direct correlation to how well you think. According to the American Dental Association “People with gum disease have more risk of having lower cognitive function than people with normal cognitive function” For men, brushing their teeth religiously can improve their sex life, or at least keep it from disintegrating. Oral bacteria can cause ED, otherwise known as erectile dysfunction, by narrowing the blood vessels that are needed for the organ to grow.

We all want our teeth to be healthy, white and have that winning smile, and sometimes even though we brush religiously we still need help from dentists like Dr David Morrow Orthodontist to straighten them to achieve it. But the end results are worth every visit and whatever we must go through. So don’t be scared to visit your dentist or orthodontist and make sure you have the good health and awesome smile that you want to have.



What’s your favorite chip?

My favorite is Munchos potato chips. I am completely and totally addicted to them. Which is probably why I have such a hard time losing weight. My kids have their own particular favorites and I usually buy a bag per person. One son loves Dill Pickle Chips, the other likes Salt and Vinegar or Funions. The others in the house will eat just about anything, but if I don’t buy them each their own bag, they will get into mine and “nope” that is not happening. lol

I know, this is a stupid conversation, but I am bored. =)

Munchos FTW !