Doing the hotel orders again

I have a cousin who owns his own hotel. Since his wife died, I help him out by doing inventory and ordering all of the Hotel Supplies & catering supplies and book keeping. He does all of his own maintenance himself and that keeps him really busy, so he needs a little help from the family every now and then. It is not that difficult to do and doesn’t take much of my time. I am always ready to help when it comes to my family. The Hotel Supply company is online and easy to order from.

PeachSuite Wholesale Hotel & Restaurant Supplier makes everything easy to find as well. Most of the inventory is towels and such, only a few things come from the restaurant portion of the business. It is a really cute hotel, nestled in the hills right outside of the little town we live in. I love the view because it is very picturesque and the guests all love it as well.


I cannot believe the heat this week. It’s supposed to get up to 105 degree’s this weekend. That is hot. We don’t usually have heat like this, but this year looks like it is going to soar. Most times it only gets really hot during August, it is especially odd for June. Yesterday the weather was mild and the change is going to be drastic. It will definitely be a “do something in the water” weekend. I guess we will go to the river or down to the creek to keep cool.

Oh boy

It’s time to buy a new amp head for my guitar amplifier. They tend to be a bit pricey, but I have to have it. I love to play my guitar and I always buy Bogner when I get stuff for my guitar. It is my baby and I have to get the very best so I have the very best sound possible. My kids just love to hear my play as well and I like to make them happy.

Fire roasted veggies

I love to fire roast my veggies before I put them into the sauce when I make spaghetti.I am making home made from scratch spaghetti tomorrow and need to make a trip to the store for my fresh veggies. I will put in onion, mushrooms, pepper, garlic and zucchini. It is going to be amazing. I haven’t made a home made sauce in a while, so I thought it was about time. Everyone loves it when I do, but it sure does take a lot of planning.

It’s lovely

Oh it is so lovely. I found the prettiest vessel sink. It is all rainbow colored and kind of clear too. I am going to redo my bathroom in the master bedroom. I need something different. I found it on I am going to use a rainbow colored glass motif throughout the bathroom and make it a cheery place to relax when I want to take a leisurely bath. I love taking baths. I put bubbles or oil in it and just soak away my stress.

I can’t wait to show this off to my mom. She always likes to see what I am doing in fixing up my home. A lot of times we will collaborate on projects as she is redoing the old homestead as well. Our tastes run alike when it comes to the houses and we are always asking what each other thinks about something before we do it. Consequently we have some similarities, but not all.

One heck of a week

It’s been one heck of a week. Anything that could go wrong pretty much has in a big way. I wont go into details, but suffice it to say, it was definitely the worst week ever. It occurs to me that another chapter in my life in coming to a close. That is depressing and I have a hard time keeping from crying, but I can’t because the kids need me to be strong. Sometimes I really get tired of being strong for every one else. I have no choice though. It is what it is.


I was just invited to the Summer Olympics in London. I am so excited. I talked to my mom and she has agreed to keep the kids for two weeks so that I can go. Who could turn down and all expense paid trip to London. My best friend is taking me with her parents. They rented London Apartments for various family members and when someone who was already paid for couldn’t go, I got the tickets. This is going to be amazing. The London Apartments they rented are centrally located so that we will be in thick of everything we want to do.

It was really smart of them to do this the way they did. Almost her whole family is going, so that is why they rented London Apartments. It is cheaper all the way around and the hotels were all full so this worked out great. I know that we are going to have a blast. I will be so happy to see all of the places that I have read about in the history books and novels. I know that I am going to want to go back again some day too.

Having a blast

I love summer. We always have so much fun. The kids and I have been to the creek a few times already and the movies to see Avengers in 3D. The movie was awesome and the creek was just as much fun. They just love the rope swing that is there and catching cray fish as well. We brought home a bunch and put them into a fish tank but they didn’t survive. Now they have to release them when they catch them, because I don’t want to take them home just to die later. The kids wont eat them so that is the rules now. I hope everyone has a great day.

My patio furniture

I really like my patio furniture, but it has gotten old and is in need of repair. I thought about buying new patio furniture, but then I found an outdoor furniture repair company and decided to just get my old furniture fixed. This will save me a lot of money since my patio furniture is wood not plastic or metal. I found out they can refinish patio furniture and make it look brand new again. I am so happy about that.

I bought this furniture a long time ago and I am very happy with it. I certainly didn’t want to have to get rid of it. My mom helped me pick it out the first summer I spent in this house after I bought it. It was one of those special moments that we women always remember. I am glad that I can preserve it. I will have to tell my mom about it so that she can do hers too. We bought similar sets when I bought mine and I know that hers needs to be fixed as well as mine. Once I have all of this done, I am going to have a little get together to show it off.

I think a Bar-b-Que will be the perfect entertainment. Maybe we can have it on a Sunday and watch the Nascar race on the back patio. I can move the flat screen TV out there near the bar. I have been thinking about getting a TV just for the back porch, but I haven’t entertained as much as I used to so haven’t been able to justify the cost. I will have to make a decision about that later. In the mean time I am just going to continue fixing up my house until I have the show place that I can be proud of.

There are only a few things left to do to the outside of it and I am hoping to have it finished in the next month or so. We shall see. Well I have to go take the kids to the park and let them run off some energy, so I will write more later. I hope everyone has a great day!


I hate it when my friends move away. One of my besties moved to Oklahoma and it really sucks that I cannot see her and the kids anymore. She called me and told me she found a Native American shop that sells authentic Native art. She is sending me a piece to a set she decided to buy for me. I love her so much. She does little things like that and it makes me miss her that much more. I hope she comes home to visit soon.