Time to decorate the house

Well it is that time again. Time to decorate inside and outside the house.

This year we are building a nativity scene for the front lawn. We sat down last night and drew out our plans for the entire thing and made a list of materials we will need.

I am also going to purchase new out door lights for the yard and house. This will be a big adventure for us and we are all looking forward to it.

I am pretty sure this project will take longer then the kids think it will, but we will have fun with it.

Tired from Cooking

Wow – I’ve been on my feet since 8 o’clock this morning cooking all kinds of food for Thanksgiving dinner and I’m really tired. I needed to take a 20 minute break and get off my feet, check emails, and throw the ball for my poor neglected dogs. The dogs are very happy to have me in the kitchen – they get lots of scraps and anything I drop on the floor is cleaned up immediately by at least one grateful dog.

We’ll have dinner at 8:00 tonight and I’m already hungry. It will just be six of us at the table, but that’s plenty! Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving and eats lots of good food today.

Choose Your Pain

One of my Facebook friends was mugged. He got beat up pretty badly. Because he does not have any insurance he refused to go to the hospital. But he posted this questions on his Facebook wall this morning:

“What hurts worse? A broken rib, an abscessed tooth, or a concussion?”

What a horrible thing to have to choose which pain you can take care of know that you will have to just endure the others. My heart goes out to anyone who has to neglect their health and well being because they cannot get health insurance.

Honoring our Veterans Today


This poster was made for Veteran’s Day last year, but I still like it. If I had a way to change the date I would have it say 2011. But it is a good poster and I like sharing it, even if the date is wrong.

In Search of New Music

Finding new music is getting hard to do because I don’t listen to the radio very much anymore. When I drove to work I used to listen to the radio. But now that I am out of work, I am limiting my driving to just the bare necessities. I stay home as much as I can to save money until I can find a new job.

When I am home, I don’t seem to think about turning on the radio very much. To be honest, I usually turn on the TV just so the newscasters can keep me company while I do my housework.

I do listen to the cable music channel, but their channels are not like the radio with a good mix of music, and you can’t skip the songs if you don’t like them.

I need to find a new way to hear new music – I am sure there are really good new groups out there – but how do they get their music to my ears?

Working on the house

Well, there were a few spots of cold air coming in the house from outside that we did not detect until the weather turned colder. I thought we had done a pretty good job of weatherproofing the house, but I guess we missed a few spots.

These are easily fixed with a bit of caulking. I just have to run down to the hardware store and get some to take care of it.

We are just about ready for winter. I am rather tired of raking leaves though. :/

Recovering from the Texas Wildfires

With all the drought in Texas this summer and the awful wildfires, you would not think that homeowners who live in the Austin area would have trouble with water and flooding. But when I heard that an entire neighborhood just east of downtown Austin was on fire, I knew that the firemen were having to work hard to put out fires in homes, not just the forests. When they came upon a house on fire, they had to fight that fire with water. So although the firemen saved the house from burning to the ground, the water damage from all that water will require professional cleaning, especially if the houses had wall to wall carpet that got soaked.

My former neighbor, John, moved to Austin about 6 years ago and I called to check on him, wondering if the wildfires were any threat to where he was living. He assured me that he was on the other side of town, but that many co-workers lived East of the city and their homes were at risk. His boss was already faced with finding a water to help with the damages to his family’s home.