Movie night tonight

Movie night is definitely tonight, but we are watching old movies that we haven’t seen in a very long time. The Matrix entire series is on OnDemand, so we decided to watch them all. I doubt we get through all of them tonight, but we are going to try. I forgot just how good these movies are. They have apocalyptic scenario, coupled with high tech and lots of shooting and action. They are almost perfect. The only thing missing is outer space. Obviously, you can tell that we like action and scifi type movies.

I am already thinking about the next series of movies I want to watch on our next movie night. Series movies are the best. I don’t care if it is The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or the Pirates of the Caribbean. They are all amazing partly because they don’t just end. Not for a long while in any case. Waiting for the next one to come out was a little annoying, but totally worth it in the end. The Avenger, Thor and Iron Man series are definitely awesome as well and I am glad that they are continuing, the next one of those I have to see is the new Thor. It looks like it will be even better than the first one.