New decorations

I just bought some decorations for the outside of the house. They are these really neat things called rain chains. I can’t wait to see them in action. You attach them to the soffet of the house and when it rains the water runs down them either off the drain catch or into a bowl or bucket. It depends on the look you want for your house. The chains rain at my house in the back, runs down into a series of bowls like a water fall. It is going to be so pretty.

The rain chain in the front will run off down where the gutter drain used to be on both sides. It looks really neat just the way it is right now and I can imagine how it will look when it rains. I may have to sit on my front porch and just watch the rain for a while. Well, I know I will do that anyway. I love to watch the rain so long as it is not a bad storm or anything like that.

Memorial Day weekend

We had such a great time on Sunday. We went to the creek for some family fun in the water. Catching crayfish and swimming as well as a nice little BBQ. By the time we got home we were all burnt even though we used sun block. We spent Monday recuperating from our Sunday frolicking. I am very happy that we decided to get away from the house for our fun. I think sometimes we get into a rut staying home and need time away from the house that doesn’t include school or work. It definitely helps with our moods around here.


Well someone ran over my mailbox last night. This isn’t the first time I have had to replace it either. Usually it is just the box itself, but the mailbox posts was damaged as well this time.So I decided to just look up residential mailboxes and order one online. That way I can just wait for UPS to deliver it and set it right up.

My car hasn’t been running that well, so I have had to limit my trips out until we can figure out what is wrong with it. Even the guy at the garage is stumped. That is okay though, because I love to shop online and searching for mailboxes is easy as can be. It wont take long for it to come in either and that is a definite plus. I think I will go outside and remove the damaged box and post from the front yard. I will toss it in the back of my dads truck when he gets here. I know he will dispose of it for me.

Angry Birds is addicting

I started playing Angry Birds online and it is totally addicting. Even my man is playing it and the competition is fierce. It is so funny to watch him get excited every time he beats one of my scores, or if he has a hard time with one of the levels and starts to get aggravated over it. It is a lot of fun, but like I said, it is addicting. You can sit and play it for hours and hours. Be careful if you decide to start it, because you will get addicted too.

Home energy auditors

The home energy audit I had done went very well. Apparently I have kept my house up good and keep on it well enough that not much is needed. Residential energy auditors help to keep your energy bills down by telling you where you are losing AC/Heat and things of that nature. They can really save you a ton of money.

I am seriously considering having a solar thermal system installation done on the house to try and save even more money. It really makes sense when you think about it. We use so much energy and pay out so much money to run a house with a normal to large size family. The electric bills are astronomical during the winter time as we try to heat this place. I think the expenditure will be worth it in the end. It will have paid for itself within the first two years and after that I will have saved some serious money.


On of my little guys had to have surgery yesterday. The doctor put in an Inter-Stem to help him with his wetting problem. Right now he is in the trial phase to see if it will help him. If this works then next week they will put in the permanent pacemaker to run it. It goes into his lower back to stimulate the nerve cluster that controls the bladder. I am praying that it will work for him. We are both tired of him being teased at school over this. Kids are just too cruel. Keep him in your prayers please.


Well I am buying new bunk beds for the kids. The old ones were second hand and have passed beyond their ability to withstand the children’s roughness. Ergo, new bunk beds are in order. I have known for some time that they would need to be replaced and have put aside the money for it. I have allowed the kids to have some say in what we buy, since it will be theirs. I gave them three choices to choose from and they finally picked one.

I will order the new bunk bed today. It shouldn’t take very long to come in after that. I think I will put it up while they are at school, so they come home to the surprise of a new room. I will make sure delivery is first thing in the morning so that it will be possible to do that. My dad has already agreed to come over with his truck to take down the old ones, and cart them off. I think I am just as excited as the children are.


Someone I love is seriously depressed. Depressed to the point of wanting to end it all. I am frightened for this person and I don’t know how to help him. I wonder how such a thing can happen, much like many of the things that happen in the world. This is close to me though and very difficult to deal with. I don’t want to make things worse, but I want to help. I want him to understand that so many people love him and that him leaving us would make things worse, not better. I am so upset right now.

Searching for used equipment

Well, I have to search for used construction equipment for sale. We have a some down at work and don’t have time to wait for them to be fixed. We could rent some, but to be honest we have been in need of back ups for a while. I found a backhoe for sale already and I am looking for used trucks for sale as well. I have so much work that needs to get done and no equipment to get it done with.

I think I am going to look for a used skid steer as well while I am at it. We have been needing one of those for a while now and the time has come to purchase one. We can’t afford to have our employees out because of equipment failure. No matter though, as I will have that taken care of by the end of the day.


I love my coffee. I just have to have it in the morning or I am a serious grump. It has to be sweet with lots of creamer. Sometimes I buy the flavored creamers to use in it. Today I am using Baily’s Irish cream flavored creamer. It tastes so yummy, but it is almost gone and I am going to have to go buy some more. I will probably get another flavor this time though. We shall see.