A new WII

I am looking for wii console bundles to buy for the kids. Ours has finally died because it gets so much use. The kids have really used it a lot this past year with the weather being so horrible. It has either been too hot outside or too cold and rainy. I feel kind of bad for them, because they have been so bored. I will have to get a few new games as well. I am sure they have beaten all of the ones they have already.


My brother in law and his wife just got back from Hawaii. They went for her sisters wedding. I have wanted to go to Hawaii for so long. I really wish I had been able to go to, but it was not to be. Ah well, someday I will get there. I have some family of my own that lives there and my aunt always tells me to come and visit, but it is very expensive to fly there. Maybe I should make a Hawaii fund and put a little into it each week. That is certainly and idea.


I am looking for Florida beach house rentals for our vacation. We are going to the gulf coast of Florida for some summer fun. We are in desperate need to get out of here for a little while. The beaches there are really pretty with sugar soft white sand and the small towns are full of nice people. Hopefully we will be able to take a deep sea fishing trip while we are there. I am not sure yet about that. We shall see.


Well the sink in the boys bathroom broke. Don’t ask me how that could possibly have happened. I have to order a new one now and plan on buying it from VesselSinks.com. I think they were horsing around when it broke, but of course no one will dare tell me exactly what happened. I wont bother telling them that I had planned on replacing that one anyway, until they fess up. I am not angry or anything, but they do need to calm down a bit. Especially if I am going to fix up their bathroom for them and make it nice.

I know that eventually they will fess up and tell me. They will just wait until they think I have calmed down. I have to laugh at that, since we know I am not really upset. I think perhaps I will ask them if they would like to pick out the stuff for their bathroom. I will let them design it. That will make them extremely happy.


Wow, last night was amazing with the storms. I all I could hear all night was constant thunder. There was some lightening, but not as much as you would have thought with all the thunder. We have needed the rain so badly and mother nature is definitely making up for the loss now. I don’t think we will be under a burn ban anymore after this week. Not that we have anything to burn, but sometimes we do like a nice bon-fire. Anyway, I need to go outside soon and see if there is anything that needs picked up in the yard. Talk to you people later.

New tile

Well I just bought new tile for the bathroom from edenmosaictile.com. I hope it gets here before next weekend, because I am going to pull out the wall tile in there after work this week. I want to have it completely done by the end of the weekend so I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I made sure that it is exactly what I wanted and the right colors as well. I will be happy when I finish this bathroom up.

I really like doing the work myself on the house, because I can feel a certain amount of pride in it. Not many women will do the DYI stuff themselves. They typically let their boyfriends and husbands do it. Well, not me. Unless it is something I cannot possibly do or requires permits from a licensed contractor, I do it all myself. My father taught me to be self reliant and so I am. Have a great day everyone.


I really get tired of when I try to help someone and they are unappreciative of it. No matter how nice I am, I end up having to be a bitch because they take advantage of me. It get’s old after a while. Unfortunately it wont stop me from being the person I am, someone who cares. I really shouldn’t anymore, but that is not how people are supposed to be and it goes against the grain to be otherwise. Ah well, I will try to have a good night since my day hasn’t been.

Neighbors mailbox

Well some kids messed up my neighbors mailbox two days ago and they came to me to find out where I got my mailbox and posts. I had to replace mine twice because of kids until I had custom mailboxes made for my house. Now they don’t mess with it anymore. I was very happy to help my neighbor as we are a close knit community here. I was even able to help them find out who did it since I have a security system that has video as well.

I know that they will be happy with the custom whitehall mailboxes they ordered today. I hope the police catch the kids destroying the mailboxes, but I doubt they will. They don’t seem to care about mailboxes very much when they have so many other things to worry about. Not that I blame them, they are very busy protecting the community.

Good times

Wow, last summer was so much fun, but this one is just boring. We did so much last year. This year we seem to be stuck in the house and bored out of our minds. I want to go out on the river and camp so bad, but the boat motor is not working so we can’t. This really is a bad summer. My mom just went into the hospital for radiation treatments and isn’t feeling very well as a result either. Stress seems to be the main menu this year. I really hope that things will quiet down and we can relax a bit. Perhaps I will make another family night soon. It’s about the only thing I can do to break the monotony.

The school

I went and re checked the enclosed bulletin board at the school to double check the supply lists. My nine year old is going into middle school and they have outdoor enclosed bulletin boards at the school for the parents to check for announcements. I can always count on being able to get the necessary information from them no matter if the school is open or not. I wasn’t the only one there either. There were a lot of mothers checking for their kids as well.

My youngest son starts kindergarten this year and is going to need a lot of stuff as well. The glass bulletin board at his school was just being updated as I arrived. Thankfully I got their late or I wouldn’t have had the information that I needed. As it is, this lot will cost a pretty penny this year. They want kinder mats for the kids to take naps on. I sincerely doubt they will get my little guy to take a nap. He doesn’t really take them anymore.