Need a limo

Okay so I flew down to Tampa to spend a couple of days with an old friend and go to a concert. We decided to find a st petersburg fl limo service to take us to and from the concert. We planned on drinking at the concert and no one wanted to be the designated driver, so we hired one. We had a blast at the concert and were responsible as far as driving goes. Yay for us!


I was looking through the site to price the kids instruments for this year and found this. It is a korg ms-20 mini. I have no clue what it does, but seriously there are way too many knobs on it. How to people come up with stuff like that? What could you possibly need that many knobs and ports for on a “mini”. I don’t know, but I am guessing that my kids might.

Great Movie

I don’t know if you have ever heard of this movie before, but I hadn’t. I only recently found and watched it and I was entranced. The movie is called Nell. It has Jodie Foster and Liam Neeson in the starring roles. The movie is about a hermit girl found living deep in the woods. When her mother is discovered to have died, she is found. No one knew that she existed so were completely taken by surprise by her appearance. Since her mother had suffered a stroke long ago and talked funny, Nell talked funny as well and they had to decipher her words to figure out what she was saying. There is of course much more to it than that, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. Watch it and see. It was a really great movie.

Great Movie !

Child Custody

When our friends or family have problems and end up in divorce court, it is always good to remind them that the children are the most important part of their lives and they need to work together to make it as easy as possible on the kids. Hiring a Child Custody Lawyer Atlanta who specializes in this field is always best for the family. They are able to mediate and keep both parties calm and working together for their mutual benefit.

It is to be hoped that people think twice before they take the drastic step of getting a divorce. Sometimes, Family Law can see that you get counseling to be sure that you cannot work your problems out before you take that final step. Counseling is definitely required for parents to help them, help their children deal with the divorce. My cousin had to go through it when she and her husband divorced and she was really happy that she did. It made things much easier for her to deal with and she was able to figure out how to answer her children’s questions. That is not always easy to do. It is hard for people without children to divorce, but for families it is so much more difficult.

Moving home

Yay! My childhood friend Kristy is moving back home from Salt Lake City. She moved there after high school to attend college and decided to stay, because she like it there so much. Now though, she really misses her parents and is about to have her first child, so she is coming home. She is an only child and her parents have been asking her to come back for a while now. I guess she finally caved in about it since her parents are too old to make a move there. Fortunately her in-laws are all actually here in the east as well, so they will be happy about it too.

The people are going to take care of everything for her as she can’t really do anything because she is so far into her pregnancy. I can’t wait till she gets here. A few friends and I are going to help her organize her house once everything arrives, so she doesn’t have to do it all by herself. I know her mother will try to help too, but as I mentioned before she is elderly and we don’t want her to over do it. Kristy was a late in life baby, in case you can’t tell.

Late breakfast

Well we slept in today and just finished breakfast. Now it is time for me to get some work done, that is if the kids allow me to. They have a bad habit of interrupting me and that makes it very difficult to write. One part of me will be sorry to see the summer end, but the other part is glad that the kids will be back on school soon. I have probably mentioned that before…lol

Going bonkers

I think I am going bonkers today. These kids have been on it all day and I haven’t been able to get any work done at all other than laundry. The rain over the past couple of days has kept them indoors and they are chock full of energy. It has only just started to be sunny outside in the last 15 minutes. However, it is so muddy out now, that sending them outside is not an option unless I want to have to hose them down before they come back in. Blah!


Eww !

My yard

Well the storms over the weekend wrecked havoc on my yard and trees. I bought some tools from Sherrill Tree so we could go out and clean up the branches that are down and to trim the trees in preparation for the coming winter. I usually do it twice a year. Once in the spring, in time for the spring and summer storms and again in the fall. I kind of dropped the ball this year, because I didn’t do it earlier in the year. I know that I should have but I spaced it.

Our weather was mild this past spring which was why I forgot about it. It will be okay though. Now that it is being done, I will only have to have do it once this year. Next spring I will make sure to get it done when I usually do. I certainly don’t want to have any accidents happen like my next door neighbors. They had a really large branch come down on their porch roof and had to spend a lot of money fixing it. It would have been cheaper for them to have the trees trimmed then to have to deal with fixing the house too.

Jason Aldean

I love Jason Aldean. I really want to see him in concert if I can. I am not sure when he may be coming back here, but I am keeping my eye out for any news and plan on buying tickets the second they go on sale. Hopefully, it will happen soon because I am really looking forward to it.

Kitchen Designs

As you know I have spent a lot of time remodeling and designing my house. Everyone who has been here absolutely loves what I have done and I have even had a couple of people ask me to help them redo parts of their homes. They have even offered to pay me for my ideas. I recently found some really great kitchen design ideas online. I plan to use them to help do my friend Sandy’s kitchen.

She is coming over later and I will show her some of the new kitchens designs I have found and see what parts she likes. We may be able to mix and match something that suits her personality. I know that she likes the more modern look, and that shouldn’t be a problem to find something that she will love in the online kitchens showrooms.

Her husband has told her to do whatever pleases her, because he knows that he will like it, as their tastes are about the same. Plus, she spends more time in the kitchen than he does anyway, since he can’t cook at all. He practically burns water if he tries to boil it. This works out great for her as she will get exactly what she wants.