Still working on it

I am still working on my remodeling of the house. I have so much I want to do still. I am working on it as diligently as I possibly can, with what resources I have and believe it or not, it is coming along nicely. I will be happy when it is all finished, so I can relax for a while before I start my next project. I am not sure what that will be yet though.

This kitchen remodeling job is taking a little longer then I thought it would, because I have changed it so much. Well, changed my mind about what I want so much is more like it. There are so many ways to do your kitchen that every time I find what I think I want, something else catches my eye and I change it again. I do have to stop that though because I need it finished already. No matter what I will be happy in the end because I have the satisfaction of knowing I did this myself.


You know you are seriously broke when you have to scrounge change to buy some groceries. I am so upset over this. I have no clue how I ended up this broke this week. I stayed to my budget and still somehow this happened. I don’t think my check was as much as it usually is. I have to check it as soon as I can. Until then, I am stuck at home with nothing to do.


After extensive research and talking, I do believe the hubby and I are going to go solar. The rising costs of energy are taking it’s toll on every side of us. Add to that raising children who require that lots of energy be used to care for them and it gets even higher. There are so many programs to choose from or you can do it yourself. Solar is made easy with those who actively decide to do it. I have been watching this turn in society grow exponentially over the past ten years. When people first stared going solar, everyone either looked at them like they were nuts, or said it was cool and expensive.

That is so not the case now. Solar has been getting cheaper and cheaper over the years and quite frankly smarter now then ever before. The move to green energy is becoming like a snowball effect, gathering momentum and growing bigger and bigger. The time has come for us to join in and do our part to help the energy crisis as well as help ourselves in the process. I am looking forward to the change and I hope I can convince my family to follow me.

Updates updates

Seems like there are so many updates to do for everything connected to the computer, even our smart phones have to have updates. My bog site just had to have an update, which I have to do manually. Every time I turn around, I am inundated with updates. Technology isn’t really as convenient as we all like to think it is. Sometimes, it’s damned hard work.

New park

I am so happy they re did the park down the street. It was looking raggedy and needed a makeover. We got new park benches that look amazing, and believe it or not they are actually comfortable. I took the kids there after school today for a little while to unwind. They really enjoyed it and want to come back over the weekend for a picnic or BBQ. I think that just might be possible if the weather holds nice.

They put in brand new commercial picnic tables for us to have our picnic on as well as new grills to cook on. I am so happy about that. We can have birthday celebrations there again. Before we couldn’t because the equipment was just plain falling apart. I think it is supposed to be a bit windy but not too much. That means I can buy some kites for the kids to fly. I know they will absolutely love that. We haven’t done that in so long, I can’t even remember when the last time was.

Cuban food

I am making a Cuban pork tonight with red beans and rice. I love Cuban food and wish I could get some real Cuban bread where I live but that is just not possible. My cousin lives in Miami and whenever I go visit her, I indulge in massive amounts of Cuban food. Of course she is married to a Cuban man, so her in laws always are there and bring lots of food when I visit. They have taught me to make a few things here at home that are easy to do. I can’t wait for dinner to be ready. Yum!

Big trucks

Well a big truck missed his turn and took out the CBU mailboxes we use to get our mail. This isn’t the first time this has happened. The last time they were taken out was because of a really bad storm. Now on top of the normal routine I have everyday that is completely exhausting, I have to add a trip to the post office until they are replaced. Our cbu mailbox was pretty much brand new and now we have to replace it. I am annoyed by this.

I hope that it doesn’t happen again this year, because commercial cluster mailboxes can be expensive if they have to be constantly replaced. At least we have a good company that we get them from. It shouldn’t take long for them to have the new one up and ready to use, probably only about a week. I really shouldn’t complain that much. I guess I am just used to my routine.

Back to the store

I hate it when I go grocery shopping for the week and then have to go back, because I forgot a main ingredient for whatever I am making for dinner, then it becomes a rush rush on dinner. My days are full of kids and work and planning and preparation, that when it gets a little off because of something everything get thrown off. It is so unbelievably annoying.

So happy

I am so happy. I just ordered some new things for the house. I am putting in window boxes on the front of the house. They are going to look so pretty and make the house look much better out front. Just because I have kids and yes they leave their toys and stuff outside all the time, doesn’t mean that the house has to look run down. I have seen how nice the flower boxes look on other houses and cannot wait to put some up here.

A window box is easy to keep up and the dogs cannot get into it and tear the flowers up. That is a major plus. My dogs are constantly digging in the flowers and such. I have to keep fencing up around the garden to keep them out or they will dig up all of my vegetables. I am so stoked. I cannot wait until they arrive. I just love shopping online.

Slow start this morning

Gosh I really have gotten a slow start this morning. I didn’t want to get out of bed at all and I have so much work to do. I got side tracked yesterday with the kids and work kind of slid off to the side. Today I have to really get on it. I am backed up so far it will take the rest of the week to catch up. No matter though, I have my coffee and I am ready to rock and roll!