Very Bad Weather

For the past two weeks we have been threatened by violent thunderstorms and the danger of possible tornadoes. I always take the threat of a tornado very seriously. The amount of damage that can be done, including killing people and pets, is horrifying. Every time we hear a tornado warning siren we take shelter in the basement – that is the safest place in our house.

All last night we have emergency alerts come on the TV and the sirens went off at least 4 times overnight. The threat is even worse at night because it is dark and you cannot see the danger, plus my people are asleep and do not leave their TVs on to hear the warnings.

Fool Me Once . . .

There is this great saying about taking advantage of people:

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.

I have tried to keep that in mind over the years. I do like to trust people and give them every benefit of the doubt, but there are so many scams and con artists out there now, I have to be careful and protect myself, too.

I was just thinking this saying was very appropriate for today, since it is April Fool’s Day and I know someone people are going to try to pull some jokes on me today. At least this is harmless fun.