Now this judge just might have the answer

I don’t know about you but I hate to be driving down the road, have to stop at a light or stop sign and hear someone elses extremely loud music booming so loud you can’t even hear your own radio.

I really hate to admit it but I can’t remember who the judge is or even what state or city he is doing this but what this judge noticed was that there were a number of repeat offenders showing up in his court room charged with noise violations. Most of them were kids who’s parents simply paid their fine and off they went, only to return again at a later date, charged with the same thing yet again.

After giving it a little thought, he decided to sentence the repeat offenders to one hour of listening to different types of loud music from Barney singing ‘I love you, you love me’ to Barry Manilow singing ‘I can’t smile without you.’ After the hour was over, he would give them a little survey and if there happened to be a song in his collection he played that kept showing up as one that happened to be liked, it was removed and something else was added in it’s place.

He wants to make sure that most of the music is not something the kids like so they can finally learn what it’s like to have to listen to music they don’t want to listen to. The towns people have reported that it is working because there is much less noise all over the city. I think they need to start doing this everywhere.

Nintendo DS system

Two of my kids have a Nintendo DS system. They absolutely loved that darn thing and very rarely puts it down when they’re home. Well I found this really cool R4 DS at Don’t know what that is? Well it allows you to listen to all your music and MP3s on your Nintendo DS system. I think that’s great. It’s also a cheat device for the games. The kids are going to love that.

But you know what’s even better? It also allows you to watch movies on your Nintendo DS. But there’s still something even better than all of that believe it or not. The R4 DS is only $19 and has free shipping too. I thought it was a mistake but that’s what you can get it for. Well I have ordered 4 of them, just in case I learn of another kid with a Nintendo DS. They’ll think I got them a great gift, guaranteed.

What next?

The other night I was washing clothes and smelled something burning.  My kids asked me what I was burning, I was in the kitchen and no I don’t usually burn dinner so I couldn’t figure out where the smell was coming from.  That is until  opened the laundry room door.

Well when we opened the laundry room door to find it filled with smoke.  Apparently when the washer spun, it didn’t spin because something got stuck with what ever it is that makes it spin.  I let it cool off and turned it back on to the last spin and it worked.  It sounded a bit funny but it still did what it was supposed to do.  The problem is it keeps making that funny noise when it’s washing or spinning now. 

I hate the thought of having to buy a new washing machine.  I’ll go to Lowe’s Home Improvement Center when I do.  I always find the best prices there.