I have always wanted a pretty smile

smile (free clip art)
smile (free clip art)
Your smile is one thing that people see first and can help or hurt your first impression. My smile is awful and that’s why I am seriously thinking about porcelain veneers. I have relatives that live near the place that does them, so it would be easy for me to go visit when the children have time off from school and come back with a beautiful smile. I wish I had known about this before school started back.

A Harrowing Sight

skunk (free clip art)
skunk (free clip art)
Last night I was driving home from my friend Elaine’s house and was very surprised to see three skunks in the middle of the road! The sun had set, and I was driving down one of those narrow country roads that have no stripes down the middle, or sides, and no street lights to improve visibility. There were no houses in sight, and the road was twisting and turning. I had just gone around a very sharp “hairpin” turn and saw the skunks walking, on “my” side, head to tail – like you would see elephants on parade! They all appeared to be the same size, so I couldn’t tell if they were a mother skunk leading her babies across the road or not.

When my headlights hit them, I braked as quick as I could, and started to steer the car away from the direction they were walking. Uttering a silent prayer “please, Lord, don’t let me hit these skunks” I tensed up and held my breath. I was SURE that I was going to hear that horrible “thunk” that would confirm that my evasive actions were inadequate. But no thunk came. And no skunk perfume wafted up at me. I let out a sigh of relief, and looked in my rear view mirror to see if I could see the skunks, but the darkness of the night had already enveloped the threesome. They were gone from sight. I offered up a silent “thank you Lord” and started to breathe normally again. But I kept my eyes sharply peeled for any other wildlife that might decide to cross the road as I continued my journey home. Thankfully that was the most exciting part of the trip.

Although I marveled at seeing the three skunks walking nose-to-tail like that, I hope to never see a sight like that again while driving in a car! And now I can’t get that song “Dead skunk in the middle of the road” out of my head! Maybe after watching this YouTube video about the song will help me get over it quicker!

Bucket list

Do you have a bucket list? Ever since the movie came out people are always telling me what is on their bucket list. I have a few things and have had to remove one or two over the years.

  1. Dancing ( a waltz) with Sean Connery.  I mean what woman wouldn’t want to do that?
  2. Skydiving. Personally I think this is on just about everyone I know list.
  3. Travel around the world. Not sure how that is going to work out as it is a little dangerous to travel right now.
  4. Attend a Hollywood A list party. Okay meeting all your favorite entertainers would be fun. Admit it.
  5. A cruise and or deep sea fishing. I have never been out on the ocean only to the beach.

What’s on your bucket list?

Great retirement place

My honey’s parents have decided to retire down south in Florida. They chose this really awesome place in Vero Beach. It is called Orchid Island and it has a golf and beach club. We are going to travel down there in a couple of weeks to see it and help them choose their house. They are going to make sure that it is large enough to accommodate family when we come to visit. I cannot wait to see it. I know that it is going to be awesome.

This place has all kinds of awesome amenities, like activities for the residents that keep them busy. They also have kids activities and holiday events as well. My children are going to absolutely love this place, I can tell. His parents want to be moved down there before winter kicks in this year. They have grown tired of the really cold weather and like most retiree’s Florida has the kind of weather they are wanting. The winters are balmy and the summers humid and hot. Old bones seem to need that I suppose. In any case, we will know exactly what they are getting soon and have a little mini vacation at the same time. It is only for a few days and then we will be home again.

If there’s a will, there’s a way

I have been wanting to take my kids to Orlando to go to Disney and the rest of the parks for a long time. Since it is a long trip and expensive, I want to do as many parks as possible and really get my money’s worth. To this end, I started a savings account a few years ago and have steadily put money into it a little at a time. I have it taken directly out of my paycheck when it is direct deposited and don’t check the account all that often. Until today. I was surprised at how much money is in the account.

I realized that we can do our Disney trip this year. I am so happy about this. I haven’t told the kids yet, because I am trying to figure out how to get them down there without them knowing where we are going. This is a little tricky. I may be able to get my parents involved and see if they would like to go as well. We could take their Winnebago and leave at night. Since it is only a twelve hour drive, we can be there by morning and the kids would wake up as we pull in to the Disney camp grounds. I know that my mom would love it, but my father hates to drive at night. Further more, he doesn’t like anyone else to drive his rig, or my boyfriend and I could help by taking shifts. I am going to call mom and have her start working on dad right away. I really want to surprise the kids. It would be just awesome!

Made the reservations

My boss is going to the middle east on business. I just finished making the reservations for his flight on saudi airlines to Dubai in the United Arab Emerates. This is one of the most amazing cites on this planet. Built on the water with architechtural buildings that will make your jaw hit the floor. I really wish that I could go with him, but alas it will not be possible. He needs me to stay here and keep this place running for him while he is gone. I am apparently the only one who can keep everyone working at normal pace when he is out of town. If he leaves anyone else in charge, nothing gets done.

No matter, he has promised me that if I train up someone who can handle things, then I can go on the next trip. That is of course if this trip goes well for him. If it does, our company will be growing by leaps and bounds and I will be able to hire some really good staff to handle this office.

I do have someone in mind and there is also the possibliliy that someone from Dubai will be coming here to act as a liason in our office. That will help me siginificantly. An outsider in this office will help to whip the current staff into shape, or I will let a few of them go. We are moving into global business and stragglers will be left behind. Anyway, I have much to do to prepare for his trip and have to go. Have a great day!

This is where I wish I was

I wish I was sitting by the water somewhere in warm weather with a cocktail in my hand. I think that the endless cold weather and constant problems from the past few months have finally caught up with me. I am ready for summer and BBQ’s and relaxation. *sigh*

My cousins new house

Well my cousin is moving away. I am so sad, because we have always been really close and now I will only get to see her once in a while. You can see her new house still on real estate raleigh nc website. It still has the picture although it says sold next to it now. It is a very pretty house and she is so excited about moving there. Add her promotion to that and it is hard not to be excited for her. Well at least now we have a destination for vacation visits. That at least is something to look forward to.

Vacation in Paris

I am jumping for joy! I get to go Paris for vacation this year and stay in a luxury apt, while I am there. I cannot wait to see the Eiffel Tower and Versailles, just outside of Paris. There are so many things I want to see while I am there. I love art, so I am excited to be able to visit the Louvre and see all of the great master pieces that I haven’t seen yet. It is going to be awesome!

My Jeep

I am getting a new Rugged Ridge Bumper for my Jeep. I am so happy, because I finally get to start upgrading my ride. I want everything ready to go for camping and four wheeling season. Mine will have a winch in it for those times when I need to pull myself out or help someone else get unstuck. It never hurts to be prepared after all.

We have been making plans to go to a few really big gatherings this coming summer. We want to travel a bit and be able to take the kids to places that we have never been before. There are massive four wheeling events all over the United States. No matter where you live, you can find at least two or three in the surrounding areas to go to. I have never lacked for places to go four wheeling. I fell in love with big trucks and mudding when I was in high school. I used to go on the weekends with my friends on ATV’s and a few trucks as well.

My Jeep is my baby, just like my fiance’s Jeep is his baby and we are very particular about how we want them to be. His Jeep is just about finished thanks to me and the Christmas presents I bought him for it. There are only a couple of things he wants to get for it and then he will be completely done. Now it is my turn and I get to go all out for mine. I have picked out a bunch of stuff for it, but haven’t totally decided exactly which to buy. There is just so much that you can do to a Jeep to upgrade it, that choosing can be difficult. My fiance will help me narrow it down some and then I will make the final decisions. We are actually sketching out what it will look like with all of the new parts on it.