Computer error causes death

Life just isn’t fair when you lose someone you love to cancer but to lose them to a computer error is unbelievable.  That’s exactly what happened to a 27 year old man in England that was suffering from testicular cancer.  He was happy to get into an drug trial because he was told this would increase his chances of survival.  This man was engaged to be married.

A computer error caused him to be given double the amount of chemotherapy needed over a four month period.  This slowly poisoned him and he died.  There was another man also given an overdose of chemotherapy but he survived.

Computers are only as reliable as the person operating it and there should have been something written into what ever program written for this trial that would warn them that too much medication, chemotherapy or anything else that was to be given to patients had been ordered but it seems that the computer was what was ordering it.  Wasn’t a doctor paying attention?  I would have thought a doctor would have been checking behind what was being given.  A computer has no heart and soul and can’t think for itself like humans are supposed to be able to do.  The doctor over this should lose his license or be reprimanded at least.  What a shame.

Conductor was texting

Oh my goodness, I just heard that the conductor of the passenger train was sending text messages on his phone, missed a signal and that’s what caused the crash of the two trains.  The conductor was one of the people that lost their lives that day.

People should already know not to text and drive a car so why wouldn’t he have known better than to do it on a train with so many peoples lives are supposed to be in his hands and not his cell phone.  I really feel sorry for whoever he was sending text messages because they are probably going to feel responsible.  I would if I was the one that was texting him.  One things for sure, I sure as heck won’t text and drive anything.

Trains collide in California

A commuter train and a freight train collided in California killing at least 25 people.  How could this happen?  It’s obvious to me that someone somewhere was not paying attention and set these two trains on a collision course.  They think the number of injured is around 130 people.  The mayor of Los Angeles said this is the worst accident he has ever seen.  I’m sure that’s true for the approximately 250 firefighters that responded too.

Then less than an hour after that, a woman was killed in her car when it was hit by a train in Corona California.  The two had nothing to do with each other but what a coincidence,  I don’t think I would want to ride a train or go near the tracks in California.   My prayers are with the injured and the family of the many that lost their lives.

Hot iPod Nano

Isn’t this wonderful.  Apple has finally admitted that it’s iPod Nano’s battery overheats.  I guess that makes it one ‘hot’ item, huh?  It says the problem has been rare and no serious injury has been reported.  Well that’s just wonderful that no one was seriously injured but even a minor injury is cause for alarm.  Especially when you consider who usually has these types of items.  That would be kids between say 10 and 18.

How traumatic would it be for them to be burned and scared by one of those things.  Battery burns are ugly.  IF you want to know more about it, check it out at  I hope you don’t have one of these.