Returns and Exchanges

The day after Christmas for retailers is almost as busy and crazy as Black Friday. Shoppers come out in droves to exchange gifts that don’t fit or they don’t like, return items they got two of, snatch up clearance items to stash in the garage until next year, and to spend the Christmas cash and gift cards they received.

I was not going to go shopping and deal with all that craziness today, but I decided to try my luck at just one store – Target. If Target had anything left and put it on clearance, it was probably going to be a good buy. So I went to Target and walked around a very busy store. But everything that I was interested in was already picked over or gone. So I left empty handed.

Busted water pipe

Well, the pipes in the bathroom downstairs froze and one busted. Fortunately for me, it is easily fixed and I can do it myself without having to bring in a plumber this time. Last time I had to have a plumber come out to the house and fix a busted water pipe. That was a bit expensive.

I went to the hardware store and bought everything I need to fix it and it actually didn’t cost that much. So much the better for me. After just a little experimentation and luck I had it fixed in no time. Glad I made sure to watch that guy when he fixed the last one. =)

Super Size and Get a Free Glass

It has been months since I went to a McDonald’s, so I was pleasantly surprised today when I went to their drive through and found a special promotion underway. If you super size your value meal you get a free Coca Cola glass with your order. It is only while supplies last, so I doubt I will get a full set of the free glasses. But I got two glasses today and might go back one day next week to get two more. But that is all the McDonald’s I can take, with visits so close together. The glasses are not and nostalgic. I remember ordering a cherry coke at the drug store soda fountain when I was a kid and the coke came in a glass that was shaped like these.

Trader Joe’s Goodies

We have one Trader Joe’s store here but it is a 40 minute drive from my house, so I don’t go there for my regular shopping.

There is a grocery store only 1 mile from my house, and another store just 2 miles past that. But Trader Joe’s sells a lot of products that are branded just for them, so you can’t buy those anywhere else.

Today I had the chance to meet a friend across town, so I took advantage of being over thee to stop in at Trader Joe’s and stock up on all the goodies.

Can’t Put Off the Shopping Much Longer

My friend Penny called and asked if I’d like to go shopping with her on Saturday. I guess I cannot put off shopping for Christmas much longer. I have to ship a few gifts this year, so I’ll buy those on Saturday with Penny and get those wrapped, boxed and mailed. Guess I need to make a list – and check it twice! lol

Red Ribbons for AIDS Awareness


I’m sad to have to recognize today is World AIDS day again. It’s been 30 years. I hope that we find a cure in my lifetime. Until then, I will wear a red ribbon and ask people to support finding a cure.