The first day is finally here

The first day of school is finally here!  All the kids were excited to be going back even though the boys had to belly ache a bit just for good measure but I know they were looking forward to going back to see all their friends and see who was in their class.

I remember the first day of school very well.  Times like these make me think of my oldest sons father that died in a motorcycle accident before my son was born.  He loved school, he just didn’t like to do the work.  He had a great sense of humor and could make anything fun or funny if it may be.  I still miss him.  I look at my son and see so much of him.  I miss my other baby that died too.

Today is a day of only good thoughts!!  I have to keep focused on the positive and not the negative or life becomes too hard.  Does that make any sense to you?  It does to me anyway.  So we’re off to a good start to a new school year full of hopes and dreams of what the new year will bring.  That’s as it should be, ya know.

Thank God for ‘Tools for School’

I was having trouble getting my children all they needed for back to school between the necessary school uniforms and all the supplies.  Luckily my children qualified for help from ‘Tools for School’ that a lot of local businesses and churches have collected to help out families in need.

It really does my heart good to know that these items are offered to families in need without degrading them in the process.  I found out that if a child received discount or free lunch last year at school, the school contacts these families and offers them the supplies at no cost.  I love this community for all the help they give families in need.  I hope other states do the same.  I just want to thank everyone personally that has donated to ‘Tools for School’.

Back to school shopping

It’s almost back to school time so that means new clothes, shoes, and school supplies out the wazoo.  The kids are both excited and not really wanting to go back yet but I know better.  They can’t wait to get back to school to see their friends and find out what everyone did for the summer.  I just can’t wait for them to go back to school so I don’t have to find sitters anymore.

First births and now deaths

For weeks we were hearing about all the babies being born to famous people and now it’s deaths.  Two famous men died last week one of which was Bernie Mac who entertained us all with his stand up comedy, his TV show and the movies he made.  The other was famous for his deep smooth voice, Isaac Hayes.  Neither of them were old by today’s standards either.

What a tremendous loss to the entertainment industry and the world.  Our loss is nothing compared to the loss their families and loved ones will feel.  God bless them and keep them by his side through their time of loss and grief.

Angelina Jolie

Now that Angelina Jolie has the twins home, she’s complaining that having 6 children is ‘chaos’.  Well what did she expect?  Having 4 children is hard but throw in two babies and I can see that it would be chaos.  The only thing is I bet there are at least one nanny per child in that house.  After all, she did get a very large sum of money for the first picture of both Shiloh and the twins so I’m sure she can afford to have a nanny for each child.  I wonder if she’ll have anymore?  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she either adopted or gave birth to even more.