The eldest

Well my eldest son needs some new Guitar Effects for his electric guitar. He has been playing since he was about five years old and is really good. My brother started teaching him when he was just a little guy and he absolutely fell in love with it. Of course, now it is a bit more costly as he has progressed to more sophisticated equipment. It won’t be long before he has his own band out in my garage, driving the neighbors crazy.

Busy busy

Gosh I have been so busy lately, that I don’t know if I am coming or going. It seems like all I do is run errands and take care of sick kids. I really wish the schools would clean better, because I am tired of these kids coming down sick. Between the doctors visits, trips to the pharmacy, trips to the store for more supplies and then the normal stuff as well, I am surprised that I haven’t gotten sick from being run down. It really isn’t easy to take care of all of this stuff. Sometimes, I wish I had a regular job and someone else stayed at home to take care of it all. Ah well, it is what it is.

Vacation in Paris

I am jumping for joy! I get to go Paris for vacation this year and stay in a luxury apt, while I am there. I cannot wait to see the Eiffel Tower and Versailles, just outside of Paris. There are so many things I want to see while I am there. I love art, so I am excited to be able to visit the Louvre and see all of the great master pieces that I haven’t seen yet. It is going to be awesome!

I can’t wait for Sunday

Danica Patrick
Danica takes the pole

I am so happy! Danica Patrick took the pole for the Daytona 500. I have a feeling that she is going to be a force to be reckoned with this year. I am hopeful for my favorite driver Dale Jr as well. The new cars they are driving this year are a little loose it seems. Already there have been wrecks as they get a little loose in the rear end. The draft just doesn’t seem to be the same. We shall see how it goes on Sunday. I cannot wait!

Order time again

As you know, I have a small job with a friends hotel. I do the inventory and such, as well as help with the books. It doesn’t take a lot of time per week, just a few hours a day. It is made that much easier for Hotel Supply, when the staff is so well trained. The books are probably the most difficult, because occasionally something is left out. I never have a problem finding the discrepancies though. Georgia Hotel Supplies Online make ordering everything we need easy as can be.

In addition to the hotel, I have to take care of ordering the Hotel Bar Supplies. The bar is relatively easy to order for as they don’t really have that many things I need to order for them. I should be home in a few hours, just in time for the kids to get off of the bus. I do have a few things I need to update and tell you guys about, I will get to it then.


I have a son who thinks that he can get one little bump at school and I will come running to pick him up every time. Last week he fell at recess and I had to take him for x-rays. Today he calls and says someone tackled him, but his teachers and the office staff all say there is nothing wrong with him. He is flat driving me crazy with this. He says nothing is wrong at school, but doesn’t want to stay. I guess I am going to have to sit him down and have a serious talk with him about “crying wolf”, because it is not a good ting for him to be doing.

Broken decanter

Oh no! My decanter for my coffee pot just crashed to the floor and broke. Now I have to look for bunn coffee makers parts online. I am sure they won’t be hard to find, but I won’t have a replacement for a week. I guess I can go get some instant to get me awake long enough in the mornings, so I can run down to the convenience store for a large cup of good coffee. At least the store is close to the house.

Cleaning up the yard

Don’t ask me how so much garbage and stuff gets all over the yard, because I have no clue. I think a lot of it has been blown in by the wind. It has been really windy lately and I know that stuff have been flying about a lot. I also had a problem one day with a stray animal getting into the garbage, but we picked all of that up already. Oh well, I suppose it is good that the weather isn’t that bad today. A little breezy and over cast, but that is about it. The kids are already working on the yard now. That way we don’t have to mess with it this weekend. Yaay for me!

Helping your community

Ever since I was a teenager I have had a passion for helping others. When I was in Junior High, we had to do community service and it taught me something more about life. Life can be very difficult for people and giving them a little bit of help and hope for the future is very important. There is a community outreach program that I really like. It is the sing for hope program that uses art and artist to help raise money and also to help children through artistic self expression. For kids, this is very important if you live in an inner city area without much hope of leaving it.

I have been to areas like this and a lot of times the kids just need a little attention to explore what it already there, so they can tap their own inner resources and help themselves. Many times these kids have single parents who work multiple jobs and are unable to give them that attention. Many singers and artists volunteer their time and resources to help these kids find and reach undiscovered talent.

These same artists also volunteer their time to perform in healthcare facilities for the patients, visitors and staff, bringing joy and hope to them as well. Projects like this are wonderful for communities and bring people together. Anyone can join and help out. Those who have a talent for teaching are most welcome as well. If you can play an instrument and are willing, you can make a difference in a child’s life. Our children are our future. Helping them is very important. Passing along knowledge for future generations is imperative. I am going to donate both time and resources to this worthy program and have my kids help as well. There is no reason for them not to learn the life lesson I had when I was a kid.