Baby Names

There is a list on the internet of all the popular baby names for each year. I guess the Social Security Administration keeps track of that and releases the information once in a while. So the top baby names this year are very similar to the most popular names last year, and there are thousands of kids with those names.

But for me, the top 50 names the ones that I would avoid choosing. I want an unusual or unique name for my babies. Not extremely unique, like “Apple.” But something nice, like my friend’s name, Kendall Sue. I have always liked that name and am glad that there are not 100,000 other people with the same name – because she is special!

Fight Road Rash

If you are riding a scooter or motorcycle – be smart and wear a jacket, long pants and boots – even in the summer. You can’t safely ride in a teeshirt, shorts and flip flops. It’s too hot is a poor excuse for road rash.

You only get one skin – the scars never go away. I’ve seen what 30 mph on a back road and a beer can or a possum can do to mess up someone badly. I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer – Scooters and bikes are great fun but you gotta protect yourself. Seriously. Have smart fun – cover up!