This week already sucks. I am bored out of my mind. I suppose I can watch TV, but I am not really a TV person. I do have a couple of books on my Nook that I haven’t read yet, so I may start one of those. Other than that, I haven’t much to do as I got all of my cleaning done yesterday. I guess it will be a day of just waiting for the kids to get home from school. Blah


I broke a nail this morning making coffee. Don’t ask me how I could possibly break a nail making coffee, but I did. I have had a long struggle with my nails. I used to bite them when I was younger and they are not very strong. They are getting better all the time though since I quit biting them. I try to keep polish on them to help keep them from breaking, but that doesn’t always work. I am going to have to re-paint them later, however I have to wait until I am done working on the computer. Nail painting and typing do not mix well.

I think I will go with a nice bronze color today. Something with a little sparkle in it too. I much prefer polish with a little sparkle in it.


I just bought some new hard drive formatting software for my PC. Since I am buying a new one and giving away this old one, I need to make sure all of my data is cleaned out of it first. This program will help scrub out all of the little bits of data that get locked in. A lot of it is stuff that is sensitive material, like personal information regarding money and such. I don’t want any of that left on the computer, because you never know who will end up with the old computer later on.

Getting married

It seems like everyone is getting married. I don’t know if it is this time of year or what, but all of a sudden people are just up and heading to the court house to get married. This is two in the last week alone that have done it. Must be something about the end of summer or something like that .

I am just shaking my head over it and giggling a little. One couple, I know should not have done it, but there is no talking sense into people who think they are in love. Ah well, I just wish them the best of luck and when it starts to fall apart, I won’t answer my phone for a while. I think it is rude to say I told you so, so it is better not to say anything at all.

New technology

There is so much new technology in the world, that it is hard to keep up sometimes. With smart phones, electronic payments and faster computers, people rarely have to interact with each other. I suppose that makes things easier for a lot of people, especially the electronic payments. You don’t have to worry about writing checks or stuff like that anymore, unless you want to.


I would really like for people to start being nice to each other. So many people are just plain mean. There is so much strife and drama in the world. Everyone just cares for themselves and no one else. If we cared more about our fellow man, the world would be a better place to live in. All we can do is hope that people realize what they are doing and make a change, even if it is only one person at a time.

New classes

I have to take a few new classes for my ea cpe. There is a mandate for ea continuing education. I have to retake some classes from time to time, to keep up with changing laws and such. I really like to be able to keep up on changes, and really enjoy learning new stuff. I probably could have been a professional student if I had the money to be able to go to college constantly.

However, as enrolled agent continuing education requirements change from time to time, it is good to keep up. It doesn’t really take a lot of time either. The cost is not that bad and very much worth it. I have a few classes to take this year that will help me a lot. I have no doubt that I will do well in them as I usually do. Now I have to get back to studying. I hope everyone has a great day.

Ugh computer problems

Last night the computer was acting wonky. I had to clear the cache, passwords and everything and it still did not help. I shut it down till this morning and now I have to re set all of the passwords to save. The problem with that is I forgot half of them and have had to go through all of the pages to either request new ones and such. I am now saving them all in a word document in case this ever happens again. This is so irritating. Grrrr.


I love sterling silver jewelry. It last longer than gold and doesn’t cost nearly as much for quality pieces. I started wearing silver as a kid and just never lost my love for it. It is what I buy for my family and friends as gifts as well. I have found so many online stores to purchase from, that I have a long list saved up. I use that list frequently.

Bicycle riding today

Later on this afternoon we are going to go bicycle riding down the nature trail. It is about 3 miles long with a lot to see and plenty of learning stuff for kids. They have little plaques set up all over the place so that you can learn about the flora, fauna and rock structures along the trail. The kids love it when we do this and to be quite honest, we should do it more often.

I will endeavor to make that happen, but sometimes life gets in the way. Time seems to get away from you and things you want to do get put off to the side until later.