Harry is Harriet

I heard a bout a new TV show called Harry’s Law. And I thought, great, another show about lawyers. We already have a bunch of shows, like Boston Legal, L.A. Law, The Defenders and others. So why do we need another legaldrama?

Well, this show is about Harriet who leaves a big corporate firm and sets up shop in the ghetto. Everyone calls her Harry and she is one tough cookie! I saw the pilot last week and I fell in love with it right away. I can’t wait to see the net episode, which is on tonight!

Ones and Zeros

If you pay any attention to lucky numbers or numerology, today and tomorrow are special days. The date for today is 01 10 11. And the date for tomorrow will be 1 11 11. You take this coincidence even further and at 11 minutes after 11 tomorrow you have all ones. How cool is that?