Snow Storms

We all enjoyed a white Christmas, here in Tennessee. In fact about every state East of the Mississippi had the promise of snow on Christmas Day. For us, it was the first white Christmas in 17 years.

But now the northeast is having a terrible blizzard. The airports have been canceling flights and there are tens of thousands of holiday travelers who are stranded in cities experiencing heavy snowfall, with no other way home.

On the other hand, I commend the airlines for taking every precaution to ensure the safety of their passengers and crews in bad weather. This is a huge inconvenience for travelers, but there are lessons to be learned, as well.


Growing up in a white, suburban neighborhood, when my parents took me to the department store to see Santa, he was always white.

Now I am seeing pictures on the news of Santas who are black and asian. That is a big change from when I was a kid. I wonder if the kids of today think this is normal and OK? Or have they noticed that most of the Santas in the storybooks are white?

Putting Up Lights

I was not going to put up any Christmas lights, but I found some really good bargains at K-Mart on the new LED lights. They were already half off the regular price, so I decided to get a few boxes. I put them on the Dogwood tree in my front yard and they look very colorful and bright.


Found a new recipe for gingerbread cookies. The recipe I used last year did not turn out like I wanted. They cookies were too fluffy and soft, so they did not keep their shape after baking. They were so soft that the big ones fell apart when you picked them up. I hope this new recipe is more like the traditional gingerbread men that you can handle and even hang on the tree for decorations. We’ll soon find out.