Dj for the wedding in Miami

I have a wedding to attend in Miami. Well to be accurate, I am the maid of honor. Planning a wedding long distance is a definite challenge. The djs in miami have at least been really helpful on that score. I have found everything I need to plan and execute the bridal shower as well as the bachelorette party. We will be having the wedding at Vizcaya gardens. They are absolutely amazing. A perfect setting for a wedding and a quite popular one too. Getting booked there was difficult. We had to change the date three times to be able to do it.

The wedding reception is going to be at the grooms parents house. It will be outdoors, (weather permitting of course) and we will have tents set up just in case we get some of those famous South Florida afternoon showers. Dj peoples were able to recommend a great place to rent the tents and such, without too much fuss. The weekend of the wedding is apparently a busy one for Miami, as it is the annual Calle Ocho festival as well. You wouldn’t believe how many companies we called that were going to be at the festival and unavailable for weddings or other events.

I am looking forward to Calle Ocho though, because the day after the wedding, a couple of us are going to go check it out since we will be there. Might as well make a whole weekend out of it and enjoy it to the fullest.


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  1. Miami isn’t just a destination full of surprising spots; it is also a home for kind and caring people. I remember a friend of mine sharing how her bachelorette party went so well at Charlie’s Bistro and Bar really because of the kind people who have helped her with her wedding plans. Good luck on your big day.

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