Time to winterize

The time has come to winterize the house and garden. The end of October always means the leaves have turned color and fallen and the temperatures are dropping every night.

We went an procured several loads of manure for the garden and mixed it in well for the winter season. The gutters have been cleaned from most of the fall leaves, and we only have to put new insulated foam around the pipes to keep them from freezing.

I do believe we still have to check the windows and doors for airflow as seals will dry rot from age over time. Other then that I believe we will be set. The rest of October and November will be chopping wood for the fire place and bon fire outside. Busy as always. =)

No Bones for My Dogs

As a kid, we had a bunch on dogs to play with on my grandfather’s farm. I loved running and playing with them across the yard and the corn fields. But they were mostly hunting dogs – not house dogs. They ate all kinds of thing. My grandmother would scrape the plates after meals and just toss it all outside for the dogs to get.

But now I have dogs that I love dearly and my vet has told me to not ever give the dogs tables scrap and to make sure they never get bones. The bones, especially from chicken and turkey, can splinter and the sharp points can slice up the dogs insides and kill them.

I sure had not eve thought of that and I guess it is a miracle that my grandfather’s dogs never suffered from internal bleeding and died from eating bones. But I don’t want to take a chance with my dogs, so no bones for the dogs. Not even steak bones. The vet says to stick with dog food and as long as I have money for real dog food, my dogs will get the best I can buy.

Dog Food

My dogs are pretty picky about their dog food. I only buy name brands and I only buy the chicken flavor. When I buy the beef flavor, they get upset stomachs.

So, I have tried to stick with chicken dog food for my beloved pets. They especially like the Purina brand dog food that is in the red bag and has big chunks of chicken in it. They gobble down the Purina dog food and I have noticed that they pick out the big chunks of chicken first and then eat the rest.

New Lotions

One of the cool things about spending the night with family or friends is having the chance to try new things. Like a different brand of toothpaste. Or a new hand lotion. I tried a new cologne last night – it was called Butterfly Wings. I have no idea who makes it, but it smelled lovely!


My grandfather used to play the piano at family gatherings and we would all sing along to a lot of fun songs. I loved the music class in school, too. Its a good thing most schools have some kind of music enrichment for kids.

I especially loved the times when we could sing songs in the round. Do you remember any of the songs like, “Row, row, row your boat?”