Cooked Chicken

When I need cooked chicken for a recipe, I like to buy the rotisserie cooked chicken from the grocery store or Sam’s Club. The whole chicken is only about $5 or $6 and it tastes delicious! There is no way for me to duplicate that taste at home. When you consider that a whole, uncooked chicken can cost about $4 or $5, there is little you can do to chicken in preparation and cooking at home that will not add significantly to that price. So the rotisserie chicken is actually a bargain.

Hobo Jack

Recently I discovered a cool show on the History Channel about these two guys who call themselves “pickers.” They drive around in a van and pick through people’s junk, they buy what they like and then re-sell it.

Today they met up with a guy called “Hobo Jack” who had some sheds with all kinds of stuff. I couldn’t believe all the stuff that was dusty, rusty and mildewed. If he had just taken care of some of that stuff, it would be extremely valuable. But he let it all rot and deteriorate and was hardly worth anything.