Three Times This Month

In the past thirty days I have had to upgrade the software on my blog. That seems a little excessive to me. I know the software was free and is one of the most popular blogging platforms available. But why so many upgrades? It makes me nervous that something must be so unstable that it needs constant fixing.

Saving on groceries

groceries (free clip art)
groceries (free clip art)
I read an article on MSN Money central about feeding a family on $100 a week.  If I spent that much a week on food, I wouldn’t be able to pay all the other bills before now so I’m used to being tight with groceries.

There are better way to save money on food than they talk about.  I buy a lot of chicken and hamburger but we still eat well.  We have a little garden and Grandpa has a big garden so we home can and freeze a lot of vegetables so we don’t have to buy that many vegetables.  Mom is great at making different things with the same old meats.  You just have to find recipes that everyone likes and use your imagination a little.  I’ve learned to be a pretty good cook from trial and error mostly, and a lot of help from Mom.

Using coupons helps a lot, too. I have a “coupon-swapping” friend, Joann, and we try to get together at least twice a month to trade coupons. I enjoy catching up with her, and we always find we save a lot of money by swapping off the coupons that we clip from the papers.

Happy Mother’s Day

I miss my mom. She is so far away I rarely get to see her. She is happy and healthy and doing well in her retirement. But I do wish I could see her more often.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

Visiting my grandparents

I used to love to visit my grandparents house when I was a child. They had the most beautiful old grandfather clock I had ever seen. I loved to hear it chime. In fact, as a child, I would run into the sitting room where the grandfather clock was when it would start chiming just so I could hear it better. I loved that clock. My parents now have it and it will be mine to keep in my home when they are gone which I hope will be many years from now.