Stop Hitting

Around here a very controversial subject is spanking. A lot of people say that kids should be spanked as part of their discipline. Other people say that hitting children is abuse. I feel strongly that children should not be hit, but was shocked when I found out the local police encourage parents to hit their kids. The official stance of the police department according to two officers on TV who were talking about it is that beating kids is fine – they must need it and the parents should not worry about being arrested for it. That disgusts me to my very core.

Yard Waste

Sometimes a word or phrase sounds so practical, so perfectly descriptive, that you wonder why you never heard it before.

I have been trying to find out where to take a load of fallen tree limbs and bags of leaves to dispose of them. I know this is not considered trash and its not even considered recycling.

Turns out the proper term for it is yard waste and there are only two places in the county that will accept it. And neither one is open on Saturdays and Sundays. Sigh.