Venetian masks

Women love to decorate, at least most women do. It is a passion we all share when it comes to making our house a home. Finding new and unique ways to make our home look amazing is a task that can be very daunting. Whether it is because of money, time or just indecision, this process can sometimes take a while. Here are a few ideas to help you decorate your home with style.

Some people like to use a theme for their decorating style. These can be great so long as you go for something really unique and not something that has been done over and over by everyone you know. The Venetian Mask Society has a great theme that is not seen a lot. Hanging a varied assortment of masks on your walls will give you some really great pieces to talk about when friends visit.

If your budget doesn’t allow for any extravagant expenses, you can always use some of these cheap decorating ideas to make your changes and still be happy with it.

  • Painting the space you want to change can make a drastic difference.
  • New lighting can change the ambiance in the room
  • Throw rugs or area rugs can help make a room look more comfortable.
  • Add a few plants or flowers
  • Rearrange the furniture to make for a better or at least new room.
  • Organize your clutter and get rid of anything that just lays around.
  • Use bold colors to accentuate




Peace of mine

Peace of mind is the first thing every parent and homeowner wants. Whether it is knowing that the toys your child plays with are safe, or that your home is protected against mishaps, you don’t want to stress over these things. Toy safety is relatively easy to assess.

  • Buy age appropriate toys for your children
  • Make sure there are no small parts that can be a choking hazard to the smaller children.
  • Make sure the toys are well made (cheap toys break and can harm your child)
  • Never buy toys with lead paint as they are a health hazard.
  • Electrical toys that plug in should not be bought for children under 8 years of age to prevent burns
  • Toys with strings, cords or straps are a strangle danger and should be rigorously avoided.
  • Always throw away packaging as soon as the toy has been opened.

These rules are basic parenting knowledge, but what about your home? How do you protect your home and your family from the many disasters that can happen? Homeowners insurance is the answer. Many mortgage companies and banks require homeowners insurance when you buy the house. Finding a good insurance company that suits your needs and doesn’t completely empty your wallet can be daunting. is one way to find what you are looking for the easy way, but why should you buy insurance besides needing it for the banks approval? That is easy…

  • Peace of mind
  • Protection for losses due to robbery
  • Protection from natural disasters, which also covers you if you cannot live in the home while it is being repaired. (will pay for hotels and living expenses)
  • It will protect the equity in your home should something happen to it
  • Protects you from lawsuits and will pay medical bills in the case that someone is injured on your property
  • Replaces personal possessions lost due to disaster or theft

All of these reasons are rolled up into one big, “I don’t have to worry” ball and your stress level will definitely come down a few notches. Make sure to study your policy carefully so that you know what your home is covered for and what it is not. You will be surprised to know what your policy covers, such as spoiled food in your refrigerator should your electricity go out. This is standard with policies. Your child’s belongings while they live in a dormitory on a college campus is also covered.

One of the things that is NOT covered in a regular policy is flood insurance. You have to buy a separate policy to cover flood damage. Nor will it pay for earthquake damage or jewelry past a certain amount. These are separate and should be taken into account depending on where you live as far as earthquakes go, and how much your jewelry is worth. If you need these types of policies, you will need to add them to your existing one or buy it separate, so make sure you are in the know.


Energy choices

Texas has chosen to deregulate the energy market in their state. This allows the residents to pick and choose which company they prefer to buy their energy from. This helps keep the rates down as the companies have to compete for your business. Researching the best company for you and your family is not difficult. Not only can you find the best rates, but you can also find the companies that use green energy.

Green Energy 

A few examples of green energy are; solar energy, wind energy, and hydroelectricity. By using green energy, we can lessen the dependence of our country on the oil that comes from around the world. Texas has the largest wind farms in the United States. This is great for Texas residents as they have the ability to use more green energy than any other state. This in turn saves the residents a lot of money in the end with cheaper rates and they get to help save the planet at the same time.

Energy Efficiency

Having an energy efficient house will help save money as well. There are many different ways to accomplish this. You can start by getting an energy audit from the various companies available. They will let you know where your “hot spots” are and how to fix them. They will test to see if your insulation is sufficient, makes sure your windows and doors don’t leak, allowing the heated or cooled air to escape. They will also take into consideration the local climate, your thermostat settings, roof over hang and solar orientation. In essence, they can tell you more about your home then even you know already. The older your home is the more likely you need an audit to help fix the problem areas. This in turn can help you make any decisions you need to with regards to your energy provider once you give attention to the problem areas of your home.

Home Improvement

Once you have had your audit and know what needs to be done, you can start with your projects. Many of the areas are easily fixed with a little DIY power. If you have good windows, all you need to do is redo the caulking around them to make sure there are no leaks. You can also change the rubber strips that seal between the windows themselves as well. Your doors are just as easily taken care of as well. Make sure there are no spaces around them to allow for air to escape, by adding insulation stripping around the door and possibly adding a door sweep as well. This will help keep your energy costs down.

After all the repairs are finished, you can now research the list of companies available for you to choose from and make the decision that is best for you and your lifestyle. You can even find different plans based on whether you rent month to month or are a home owner and plan on staying in the same home.


I really like this for Halloween

I found a tutorial for Halloween makeup to be the Corpse Bride. This is really easy and so I thought I would share it with you. There are tons of tutorials for many different looks on YouTube. I was amazed by how many I found. Last year there were not nearly as many. Anyway, here it is. Hope you like it.

Credit repairs

Some years ago I had a serious debt problem. It took me forever to take care of it by myself. I never had any help and simply plugged away working multiple jobs to pay everything off. Today, you can go to professionals that I was unaware of back then. They were probably there, I just didn’t know about them. I heard later that there were commercials on TV for them, but as I worked so much, I never got to watch TV. Credit Repair Miami is one of the many available to help you consolidate your debt so that you can pay it down easier.

Also known as the Debt Relief Centers of America, they have a lot more knowledge than I ever did. I wish I had known then, that there were people who could help me. It wouldn’t have taken me half as long and I certainly wouldn’t have had to work so many hours. It seems like I missed an entire chapter of my life because of it.  I keep myself on a strict budget now, and hope I will never need them, but if I do, I definitely know where to go. I won’t make the same mistake twice.


School project

Some school projects are a lot of fun and some, not so much. Today we have to work on the boy’s science project and it isn’t even an interesting one. It is more of a report and less of an actual project. Oh I know that they can’t all be fun, but when it comes to science, they should be. It engages the children’s imagination and allows for more critical thinking that way. Not to worry though, it will be done and it will be good, but it will be very very boring.